At the beginning of 2019, the email lists of the old universities and student unions will be used. As the systems merge, TREY will have two open email lists, where the student union’s newsletter will be published in Finnish and English. The TREY newsletter gathers events of interest to the community and information about current matters in the student union, the University and in Tampere. TREY’s newsletter is published on Fridays.

The student union also constantly transmits information to the communication organisers of associations, who can then compile newsletters of the information and forward it.

In the student union’s educational affairs newsletter, you can get current information about educational affairs matters, like decision-making happening inside the University and the national discussion on all things educational. The newsletter is meant for the educational affairs operators of the associations and for the student representatives, and you can receive it by subscribing to the email lists and

The student union’s social affairs newsletter lists current information about matters concerning social affairs, such as subsistence, healthcare and equality. The newsletter is directed for the social affairs operators of associations and you can receive it by subscribing to

In addition, the student union distributes tent cards every month to the University restaurants, and they contain current student union news and events and advocacy news.