TREY, the Student Union of Tampere University, was born when two student unions of Tampere were merged in the beginning of 2019. The merger of the two student unions, TTYY and Tamy, into a new student union begun in 2017, when the Tampere3 project passed to Parliament. As the new university begun its operations on 1 January 2019, the new student union had also prepared its foundations. Tamy and TTYY had started preparing for the merger in the spring of 2017, and had hired a joint merger coordinator, who started working in September 2017. The first phase of the merger was to construct the joint action plan project called Yhdistyneet ylioppilaskunnat, which both student unions accepted for 2018 in their fall meetings.

The major policies of the merger were drawn by the Council of Representatives of both student unions, whereas the everyday integration was coordinated by a steering group called “Viisikko”, consisting of secretary-generals and chairs of the executive boards, as well as merger seminars organised between the offices. The employees of the merger project were the merger coordinator Jari-Pekka Kanniainen and the brand coordinator Rosa Lehtinen.

The first milestone of spring 2018 was the new student union’s historic Central Election Committee’s constitutive meeting, which was held on 12 January 2018, and it was the first official meeting of the student union.

During 2018, the student unions increased cooperation, for instance by organising joint events and collective communication. Significant events were the first joint Organisations Kick-off and Newcomers’ Orienteering. The administrations, regulations, office procedures, member services and various other matters had to be gone over one by one thoroughly. Both student unions have long traditions and ways of operating that have formed during the decades, and they now had to be brought together in the best possible way.

The starting point for the preparatory work of new student union was hearing the community’s voice and building the new student union based on that voice. During 2018, a wide collection of data was gathered; the expectations for the new student union were investigated by carrying out workshops, questionnaires and interviews for students and associations, as well as the council, board and employees of the student unions of the time. Based on this data that represented the community’s will, TREY’s brand and first strategy were drafted.

The first Representative Elections of the Student Union of Tampere University were held in September 2018. A whopping 424 candidates ran, and they formed 26 electoral alliances and 3 electoral rings. The turnout of the election was 38.92%. The first Council of Representatives came to order in the council chamber of the city of Tampere on 9 October 9 2018 in an eight-hour meeting, where the Council of Representatives decided on the most important rules of the student union. During September 2018, in five meetings, the first council decided on the student union’s name, regulations, standing orders, member fee, policies and strategy and many other matters. The preparatory work was executed by the old student union offices and the Preparatory Committee nominated by the Council of Representatives, comprised of three board members of both TTYY and Tamy. The merger coordinator operated as a secretary in the meetings of the Council of Representatives, Tamy’s Secretary-General Sanni Pietilä operated as the secretary of the Preparatory Committee and TTYY’s Secretary-General Jukka Koivisto operated as a secretary in the Administrative Committee, comprised of the members of the council.

In the fall meeting of the council, on 11 November 2018, the first Secretary General, Venla Monter, and an Executive Board of ten people were chosen for the student union. Paula Sajaniemi was elected as TREY’s first Chair of the Executive Board.

The creation of the new student union was celebrated in December with TREY’s first event, TREYHEM. The third joint employee for the student union, Helmi Mäntysaari, was hired to organise the event. TREYHEM brought together students and associations of Tampere to Kuivaamo. The event had different activities and programme organised by the associations and TREY’s new visual look was introduced for the first time. The night went out with a bang with a performance by the band Gasellit.

The new Executive Board, Secretary General and other people of the student union started the new era of the student union on 1 January 2019 in Rakennustalo on Hervanta campus. At first, the service offices still remained in Teollisuustalo at Tamy’s old office and in the main building’s hall in Hervanta at the old office of TTYY. The city centre service office was later moved to the main building of the campus.