A couple of times a year, the students put on their fanciest clothes and attend anniversary celebrations. The dress code is white tie or dark suit and a floor-length formal gown for women. Academic decorations are also used in the celebrations.

Remember to act according to the etiquette, although the intention isn’t to be too formal but to have fun. Before the actual main event, the programme often contains a cocktail reception, where different communities give out gifts. The majority of the guests, however, only arrive to the main party. After the welcome toast, the dinner begins, during which drinking songs are sung loudly. Various speeches are held in between courses. After coffee and cognac, the dancing begins and continues at the first after party. At the crack of dawn, the party often continues at another after party, where a warm sauna is usually waiting for the guests. The biggest celebrations also include a “sillis” brunch on the next day.