Tampereen Ylioppilastalosäätiö is a foundation that distributes grants for community projects. The purpose of these grants is to support the social and educational aspirations of students in Tampere.

In 2020, the Ylioppilastalosäätiö foundation supports projects that promote or strengthen a culture that brings together students in Tampere. Community project grants can be awarded to projects that create new kinds of co-operation between university campuses, develop student culture and so on. The foundation’s promoted values are communality, transparency, equality, internationality and overcoming limitations.

Any student association or club tied to the Tampere Universities may apply for the aid. Aid can also be granted to other organisations whose function and purpose are student-friendly and who support the student culture. Informal groups of university students may also apply. In all cases, the criteria for the aid are the same.

Do you or does your association have an idea for a project that could fulfil these criteria? Write an application for the community project aid or contact the foundation, and we’ll turn your idea into a reality!

Before applying, read the criteria and practices for Ylioppilastalosäätiö grants. (.pdf, 157 kt)

How to apply

  1. Create an application. The application can be free-form or the form linked after this list.
  2. Submit the application by sending it to yotalosaatio@lists.tuni.fi.
  3. Ylioppilastalosäätiö will make a decision regarding your application in its next board meeting. There are approximately four meetings every year.
  4. Receive the grant and realise your project!
  5. Submit the report and receipts of your project to yotalosaatio@lists.tuni.fi

You can use the Ylioppilastalosaatio grant application form, if you wish. (.docx, 22,5 kt)

If you have any questions, please contact the foundation via the same email address.