Associations’ Kick-off

The Associations’ Kick-off is a training and networking event that starts out association actives’ year. In the event, you’ll get to learn new things about association work and get to know other association actives. Next year, the Associations’ Kick-off will be held remotely on 27 January. Welcome!

Practical matters

The event is open for all the actives of assocations operating under TREY. The event is free of charge.

In 2021, the event will be held remotely via Zoom video call service. In order to participate, you’ll need a computer or other device with a microphone and a camera plus working network connection. Links to Zoom calls will be sent to the participants before the event.

You can sign up for the event via this link:ärjestöstartti2021. It is possible to sign up until 20 January 2021.

Schedule & programme

The event includes an opening lecture, two workshops and an ending. The opening lecture and ending will be held in Finnish with slideshows translated into English. Participants’ wishes on both workshop slots will be asked on sign up form. You can find detailed descriptions on each workshop below on this page. The schedule can be found here:

  • 12.00 Opening lecture
    • Practical matters
    • “Association Work – important and best, with or without corona” // Tapio Hautamäki (Chair of the National Union of University Students in Finland)
  • 12.45 Pause
  • 13.00 Workshop slot I
  • 14.30 Pause
  • 15.15 Workshop II
  • 16.50 Ending

Further information

Should you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact TREY’s specialist in association affairs Mikael Lehtonen ( & 040 713 0079 & TG: @treymikael). (You may also find the contact details on the Contact page.) Please notice that questions sent during the Christmas Holidays will be answered starting from 4 January.


ABC of associations

Target group: starting association actives

Slot: 1 

Have you just started as an association active? Are you a bit unsure what associations actually mean or what are their responsibilities and duties? Don’t worry, this training will give you answers for those! In this training we will cover the basics of association operation: how to run a meeting, how to make decisions, how to make a good minute and how to work as a board member.

Event and project management

Target group: event managers, freshman and tutor managers, project managers, all interested persons

Slot: 2 

What are the things you need to take into account when organizing an event or a project? Come to this workshop to learn what does a good project process look like and how to arrange events which work for your association.

An international community for everyone

Target group: the session is open for everyone, but specifically aimed at international organizers, international clubs and everyone working with international student tutoring.

Slot: 2 

In this session, we will discuss the possibilities and challenges for integrating international students into the student community in Tampere University. The goal is to find ways to better involve international students in all student associations. We will hear from international students themselves, who will give their opinion on the practices which help with integration as well as the obstacles in its way. After a short introduction by TREY, you will have the opportunity to discuss the matter with your fellow students in small groups, finding solutions and exchanging ideas on how to improve internationalisation in all corners of the university community.