Kollektiivi’s Wappu Amazing Race (T19A)

Welcome to a trip around the world! But… during Wappu? At Tampere?? Yes, you read that right, because the Amazing Race of TREY’s Kollektiivi makes a comeback! This pitstop tour that celebrates cultures, requires wit, and is resolved by speed takes its participants from one country to another around the city centre. The various activities and challenges undertaken at the checkpoints are related to different countries and cultures, just like in the familiar Amazing Race competition! There will also be amazing prizes for the winners!

Wappu Amazing Racen mainos.

Participating in the event is free for all participants. You can enroll your team before the event via the form below. The sign-up opens on April 8th at 13:00 and ends on April 17th at 23:59, or when all of the places are filled. The sign-up to the Wappu Amazing Race is done via Microsoft Forms.

WHAT? Wappu Amazing Race
WHERE? City Centre of Tampere (starting point at the City Centre Campus)
WHEN? On Friday the 26th of April, starting at 16:00
PRICE? Free!

Wappu Amazing Race is part of the Teemutour/Teemunkierros (T19A).