TREY’s Event Section Kollektiivi’s recruitment sauna

Is organizing events your passion? Are you interested in interdisciplinary work? Do you want to try new things in good company? TREY’s event section Kollektiivi invites you to hear about its activities in Kollektiivi’s recruitment sauna. We promise low-threshold hanging out with a small information package and refreshments. Recruitment sauna is organized on 7th December from 6pm to 12am at the YTHS sauna (Kalevantie 3, 33100 Tampere). You should bring your own towel and swimming equipment if you want to go to the sauna or swim at the event.


You can get more information about the event and the Event section Kollektiivi by asking via mail or via telegram @treypaavo


Recruitment sauna is not an unobstructed event. Let’s have fun and keep the event harassment-free. If you encounter unpleasant behaviour or harassment, you can contact TREY’s harassment contact persons through, or individually (male) and (female). You can also use this form to anonymously report unpleasant behaviour or harassment: