Wellness Week

Welcome to TREY and Tamko’s joint wellness week at the beginning of November, 1.-5.11! During Wellness Week, Monday through Friday, all university campuses have a nice program to support student well-being!

This year, the theme of Wellness Week is sexuality and sex positivity. The week’s program includes a wide variety of wellness activities! Wellness Week is a great way to meet fellow students. Bring your old friends or come to events to make new friends!

Tuesday November 2 at 10-14 there is a well-being fair in the lobby of Kampusareena at the Hervanta campus, where various well-being-focused organisations are present to provide information about well-being during and after your studies.

By participating in the Wellness Week event, you will also receive a stamp on the Tursas Pass and Hervanta Freshmen will receive fuksipoints depending on how many events they participate in. Stamp passes for the well-being week will be distributed to Teekkarifuksis at TREY’s Hervanta campus service point during weeks 43 and 44. One event will earn 4 points for the fuksi passport and the maximum number of points will be 20 points. You can apply for points from your fuksicaptain!

Program for the week

Monday 1.11.

TARINA: Wellness week

Time: 8–17

Place: Mediapolis

Wellness week is starting again at Mediapolis! We have many wellness improving activities in store!

Taide- ja tekstiilikerho TAHRA: TAHRA’s finger painting mess

Time: 12–14

Place: Sähkötalo lobby

Facebook event

We invite you to ease your study stress in TAHRA’s finger painting mess! Show up on the 1st of November between 12:00 and 14:00 to Sähkötalo lobby and paint with finger paints something related to the Wellness week themes or anything you like. Follow TAHRA on Instagram (@tahrakerho) and Facebook to receive up-to-date info on the event.

Luuppi ry: Forest walk goes paw therapy

Time: 15–18

Place: Suolijärvi nature trail

Let us go together on a journey to the Hervanta forest with a few furry friends! Luuppi is taking adventurous students on a relaxed walk around the Suolijärvi trail, where dogs are also welcome. We will meet by the Suolijärvi parking lot at 15:00/03:00pm from where we will start our walk around Suolijärvi. Please take adequate shoes with you, as the trail is quite rough on a few places. There will be at least one break during the trip to ensure that everyone gets a chance to breathe some fresh forest air. As mentioned, dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash, are vaccinated, well behaved, and healthy. Please note that this event has a weather reservation, and that this event follows the safe space principals of Luuppi.

Student Union Tamko: Tamko’s social evening

Time: 16–21

Place: Tamko’s sauna at the lower floor of Solu

In the social evening, relax together in the spirit of board games and sauna. Remember to bring your own towels! There are also snacks and the opportunity to sew patches to overalls. The venue is the student union Tamko’s sauna facilities in Solu! Welcome!

Tampereen Akateeminen Kyykkäseura: Play kyykkä with TAKS

Time: 18–20

Place: Hervanta Kuusikkopuisto (Kuusikko park)

Do you want to relieve stress by throwing at maximum speed? Or do you want to relax and get some fresh air with relaxing music? Come to play traditional Karelian game kyykkä. Practice will be at Kuusikkopuisto, Hervanta.


Tuesday 2.11.

TREY & Tamko: Wellness fair

Time: 10–14

Place: Lobby of Kampusareena at the Hervanta campus

At the well-being fair, various well-being focused organisations are present to provide information about well-being during and after your studies.

Iltakoulu ry. Tasty Maukaste presentation and Kahoot (event only in Finnish)

Time: 11–12

Place: Tampere University, city centre campus, main building (Päätalo) A4

Is every sex shop worker a stripper? Does sex positivity mean that you have to be positive about anything sex-related and always say yes? What is Maukaste? These questions and many other preconceptions will be bashed in our Tasty Maukaste presentation and Kahoot!-event. The questions will be gathered from the wise and all-knowing Jodel forums. The Kahoot quiz winners will receive some sex-related product prizes.

Attending the event doesn’t cost anything, so there will be nothing to lose – only opportunities to win! There will be a limited amount of attendees so fill in pre-registration on Google Forms.

Automaatiotekniikka: Autek-cup

Time: 12–16

Place: Bommari, Hervanta campus

The legendary student floorball tournament, which has been on a break for a long time, is making its return on Wellness Week 1.11. on Monday. There are two different brackets in the tournament, competitive and casual. There are 8 teams in both brackets and the size of the teams is 4-8 people. Registering for one team costs € 5, which is paid on site.The games are played on the Hervanta campus bomb shelter in 4 vs 4 games. The duration of the game is 15 minutes and they are played to small goals (no need to play directly from the pass). Places are limited, so be prepared to announce your own team from a link to be posted later. Registration opens on 25.10.

YTHS Q&A: Questions and answers about sexual health

Time: 12–13

Place: TREY Instagram live

NMKSV & Rankat Ankat: Academic Student Carrying World Championship

Time: 12-18

Place: Etunurtsi (Front lawn of the Hervanta campus)

Come carry your buddy through an obstacle course in Wife carrying -style and win enjoyable prizes! The event takes place on Etunurtsi, Hervanta campus.

Elram: Feel good movies

Time: 13–19

Place: Kampusareena auditorium, Hervanta campus

Are studies stressing you out? Calendar’s too full? Haven’t had time to just relax? Don’t worry! We’re organizing a chill movie evening in Kampusareena auditorium in Hervanta on tuesday 2.11. Come forget about stress, relax with the movies and enjoy some healthy snacks sponsored by TEK in good company! The movies will be either spoken in Finnish with English subtitles or the other way around.

Naisteekkarikerho PILE: NTP goes Sex Ed (event only in Finnish)

Time: 15–17

Place: TB104

NTP goes Sex Ed! Pelvic floor physiotherapist Maria Nemlander comes to Hervanta campus and keeps a lecture on pleasure and sexuality! The lecture is held on Hervanta kampus. After the lecture there is coffee/slight snack where participants can network and talk about the themes of the lecture with each other.

Complex ry: Café with Complex – discussions in a safe international environment

Time: 16-18

Place: TBA

Complex invites everyone to a safe café, to talk about sexuality in a safe international environment. The language of this event will be English. Attendance is free of charge for everyone. Please consider buying something at the venue.

Based on the diversity of cultures, international encounters can sometime lead to unclear or different forms of communications around this topic. Our goal is to facilitate this communication and open the stigmas that can arise regarding sexuality. Some key topics related to sexuality that we want to discuss would include consent and sexual harassment.

This discussion will be held in a safer space environment, so everyone could feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings.

Sinuiksi ry: Sexuality and safe space

Time: 17–19

Place: Zoom, pre-signup on Jotform

Discussion on sexuality and safe space

Sekava: Queer cursing night and hotline

Time: 18–22

Place: TBA

Are the straights at it again? Tired of TERFs? Allos making you anxious? Let’s be frustrated together! At Sekava’s queer cursing night we’ll let it all it out safely with fellow LGBTQ+ people so that we’ll still be able to navigate the heteropatriarchy when there’s no sun. If you can’t be there, you can also vent at our Instagram hotline (@sekavatampere) all day. Free of charge.


Wednesday 3.11.

Teatteri Ääriraja presents: JULIUS (theatre performance in Finnish)

Time: 18–20.30

Place: TAMK festival hall D1-04

Teatteri Ääriraja is a theatre group for students in the Tampere Universities community. We welcome you to enjoy our show!

The whole family and the closest friends have been invited to Julius Atkins’ birthday party. However, the deadly fun party takes an unpleasant turn when the man of the hour is found dead in the middle of the living room. The only thing that’s left is the question: Which one of them is guilty?

Teatteri Ääriraja’s new show is presented in TAMK festival hall D1-04. The show’s duration including the intermission is 2h 30min. The show includes flashing lights and is not suitable for children under 12 years old. Tickets are available on kide.app and can also be booked via email at liput.aariraja@gmail.com. Student ticket available for 7€ only!

PIRATE and SOPU – Movie night

Time: 18-21

Place: TAMK at HUBS Backstage

PIRATE and SOPU are organizing a movie night at TAMK at HUBS Backstage. You can bring your own movie snacks. The film will be in line with the theme of Wellness Week. You can find the event closer to of PIRATE’s and SOPU’s social media channels and the Kide.app service.


Thursday 4.11.

TUrVoKe: Morning jogging

Time: 8–9

Place: Tamppi Areena

Going on a morning jog helps you to start your day right, especially when you have a great company! Join us at Tamppi Areena at 8.00 am for some group jogging! You can choose 2 km or 5 km jogging. Whether you want to run, jog, or walk, you don’t have to do it alone. We will return to Tamppi Areena no later than 9 o’clock.

Materiaali-insinöörikilta, TVIK: TVIK Volleyball Tournament

Time: 9–12

Place: Tamppi Areena

Come and enjoy the yearly tradition of pink TVIK volleyball games, which are played at Tamppi Areena as a part of the Wellness Week. The games are played on Thursday 4.11. and the entry fee is 4e/team. Limited spots available! Sign in via email at aleksi.tuunainen@tuni.fi.

Väestöliitto: Lecture about sexual well-being (event in Finnish)

Time: 12–13

Place: Zoom

Väestöliitto will hold a lecture about sexual well-being in Finnish.

SOPU ry: Let´s talk sex -cafe

Time: 12–13

Place: H0-hallway, TBA

Come for coffee and chatting about sex and everyhting around it with SOPU ry! Space (most likely from H0 -corridor) and possible speaker/s will be announced later. The event is free of charge and everyone is welcomed!

TREY: My Body is My Home – art-based wellbeing workshop

Time: 14–16.30

Place: Päätalo D04 Studio, city centre campus

In the My Body is My Home art well-being workshop, we get to know our body, strengthen our body connection, learn to hear its messages and appreciate it as the home where we live our lives. We explore thoughts, feelings and interactions through different art forms, like movement, drawing, writing etc. Art exercises can increase self-awareness, resources, and new perspectives on the body and bodily experience. The work focuses on doing on your own and in a group. We operate without criticism and interpretation. Self-listening plays the key role in this workshop. Come as you are. No previous experience or expertise in art work is required. An interest in self-examination and increasing well-being is enough. Sign up via email to annina.kipponen@trey.fi at the latest on 2.11.2021.