Students’ cap

The student cap is a part of the university traditions, and it has a history of over 150 years. Originally a part of the graduate uniform, the remaining symbol became more common in Finland at the turn of 1870, based on the models of Sweden and Denmark. In the 50s, the cap was still used generally from the beginning of May until the end of September, but now-a-days it’s only used on Wappu.

The Finnish black and white student’s cap is lower and slimmer than the Swedish Finn’s version. The cap’s lining is usually blue and white, or in the colours of the student nation. In addition to the student’s cap, other graduation caps are in use. The cap of people with double degrees has a dark purple velvet band instead of a black one. The student’s cap is not the only graduation cap, and vocational school’s graduates have their own caps in their own field’s colours.

Teekkari cap

The technical students’ most explicit and visible symbol is the Teekkari cap. The use of this playful cap with a tassel begun in Sweden at the end of the 1900-century. After various development phases, there are now four different versions of the cap in use: Oulu’s pixie cap-like version, Lappeenranta’s 7-cornered one, Turku’s round one and Otaniemi, Tampere and Vaasa’s 6-cornered versions.

The use of the Tampere Teekkari cap

The technical students of Tampere put their caps on at the same time, as the cap is put on the Suomen neito statue on Wappu night. The cap can be used freely during the summer, until the last of September, when it is laid to rest for the winter. During winter, the cap can only be used with a separate permission. The Teekkari cap is almost like a sacred item to the technical student, but it is not meant to sit on a shelf gathering dust, but for frequent and dignified use. The rights to use the cap is granted by Tampereen Teekkarit ry.

Ordering the Teekkari cap

Tampereen Teekkarit ry takes care of selling the Teekkari caps. The Teekari cap is tried on, ordered and paid during the academic year. A cap ordered and paid in time is cheaper than one ordered at the last minute. Teekkari cap fittings are done at the service point of the student union in Hervanta. Note! The size of the cap you ordered cannot be changed, so decide carefully. The order is binding. You can order the Teekkari caps from the website