Wappu dictionary

  • Sima = Mead. A traditional beverage drunk during first of May
  • Munkki = Doughnut. Deep fried pastry with sugar
  • Wappu = Festival that takes over two weeks and will culminate to the first of May
  • Teemunkierros = Teemutour. A tour that encourages you to try out different events. Consists of 34 events beginning on 15th of April and ending on 1st of May.
  • Emäteemu = Emäteemu. A respected title for you to achieve. You need to participate in 20 different events to get the title.
  • Wappupyrkyri ja Wappulusmu = Wappupyrkyri and Wappulusmu. Titles for those who didn’t participate for all of the Teemutour events.
  • Wapputiimi = Wapputeam. Team that organizes Wappu for you!
  • Härweli = Härweli. A device that fuksis build and carry on Fuksi Parade.
  • Jäynä = Jäynä. A joyful “prank” that brings joy for those who participate in it. Teekkari fuksis get to make their own jäynä on Wappu.