Teemutour is coming: Do you have what it takes to be Wappulusmu, Wappupyrkyri or Emäteemu 2019?

Teemutour is a challenging tour, which purpose is to activate and encourage you to try out different events. Teemutour starts on the first day of Wappu on 15th of April. The tourconsists of 34 events and on certain days there are alternative events. These events are  marked with a-, b-, and c-annexes, and you have to get a stamp only from one of these events. You can perform Teemutour on three different levels:

  1. Collect 7 stamps from events, and you get the title of Wappulusmu 2019 and an overall badge.
  2. Collect 14 stamps from events, and you get the title of Wappupyrkyri 2019 and an overall badge.
  3. Collect all stamps from events (20 stamps), and you get the title of Emäteemu 2019 and an overall badge.

If you participate in Teemutour, do the following:

  1. Check out the leaflet from Wappu team on 15th of April. Wappu team shares leaflet at every campus:
    1. Hervanta: After revelation of Tamppi, Festia
    2. Kauppi from 4pm to 5pm @Arvo
    3. City centre campus from 6pm to 7pm @Linna
  2. Attend to Teemutour events and ask for a stamp from Wapputeam. You can recognize Wapputeam from mysterious outfits and good vibes. From alternative events (a-, b-, or c-annex) you have to participate in one event.Stamps are not given afterwards, so carry leaflet with you all the time.
  3. Return the leaflet on 1st of May between 19.00- 22.00 in Wapunkaato.
  4. You will receive a title according to the criteria named above. You cannot become Emäteemu if you skip even one of the Teemutour events because you were resting or gaining strength. Emäteemu is a valued title that distinguishes heroes from the rest. So if you want to be loved, appreciated, and envied by on Tampere campuses, complete all 20 events and earn yourself  the title of the Emäteemu. By completing Emäteemu, youwill become part of the rare elite when that beautiful badge stands out in your overalls after Wappu. So don’t hesitate, but show everyone how Wappu is completed properly!

Notice that you don’t need a stamp from Wapunkaato.