Electoral Alliances and Circles can send descriptions of themselves and their goals, and we will update them to this page. 


The TietoteekkarIT electoral group consists of students from information technology. As in previous elections, we again have a very varied list of candidates who study IT, with a good balance of experienced veterans and inspired newbies.

Our support is the subject association of students of information technology, Tampere’s Guild of Information Technology (TietoTeekkarikilta, TiTe). We have a close relationship to the guild and its students, and as such the goal of the electoral group is to get as many TiTe students as possible into the electoral group.

Are you a student of information technology who wants to ensure with your vote that another IT student is guarding your interests? Remember to vote for someone in the 176-196 block!

Kokoomus – Oikeisto-opiskelijat

National Coalition Party – Rightist Students is a student-oriented electoral list that stands for freedom, progress and diligence. We want to end mandatory student union membership, stop punishing students for working, make studying less dependent on time and location and guarantee quality mental health services to all students.

Freedom of association is a fundamental right of every student. TREY should actively promote voluntary membership in all Finnish student unions.

Finnish Student Health Service must have an adequate number of doctors and nurses. Necessary resources must be made available for all students to have access to timely and high-quality health care. Even one student left behind due to mental health issues is a tragedy for both the individual and the entire society.

We want to raise the standard of living of all students by cutting the income limits on student benefits. This would send a clear message: Students should be rewarded, not punished for working. In addition to income, work is an excellent opportunity for students to create networks and prepare for the transition to working life.

We want more personalized opportunities for studying, since each student is unique. Completing one’s studies must not depend on time and location. Students should be able to smoothly combine work, family and hobbies with studying, and have the ability to plan and complete their studies flexibly according to their personal situation.


Luuppi_Puolue is a politically unaffiliated council group. It is a part of Tekijä alliance. Candidates of the Luuppi_Puolue are brought together by being members of Luuppi and the unshakable will to promote the interests of associations in the Council of Representatives.

Bosa Beer Party

Bosa has been a pioneer of interdisciplinary student activities since 2003. After our humble origins as a Beer lovers’ association we have grown into an expert in student culture and bringing together people from all walks of uni life. On the student union council our goal has always been to make the student union more important and accessible by promoting funny and interesting grassroots events and contacts. Exchange students are a prime example of how these kinds of activities are the gate to the student community and Bosa has a proven track record in this regard. We have the will, knowhow and contacts for building the student union from the ground up and also of course the most diverse set of candidates!


International Representatives Group

We are a group of students dedicated to make Tampere University as international, sustainable and inclusive as possible, bridging the gap between Finnish and international students to create a community based on cooperation and unity. We want to make sure international students are represented when decisions concerning all students are made.

We believe in equality beyond nationality. Students’ voices should be heard regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Kahden Tähden Teekkarit

Kahden Tähden Teekkarit (KTT) is an electoral alliance formed by technology students from several study areas. In these elections our alliance has 19 great candidates to choose from. The candidates’ study years vary from 1st year to nth year and they collectively represent seven different areas of study! Our candidates’ electoral numbers are from 139 to 157.

For us at KTT it’s important to represent ourselves wholeheartedly with passion and simultaneously bust the myth about technology students not being interested in social phenomena. In the Student Union Council we aspire to be bridge-builders, who truly understand different points of view and are open-minded to expressed ideas. With all our actions, we want to build a Student Union which everyone wants to be a part of.

The Green List

The Green List is a non-party political group of green students. We want to have a student union which lobbies students’ benefits bravely and promotes openness, parity and friendliness to the environment in the community of the Tampere University and extensively in society. The Green List demands that the student union’s impact work is active, bold, long-term and progressive. It should be based on advocacy for student rights, but also scholarship, democracy, equality and ecological values. The Green List’s work in the student union council is based on these values.


  • Better democracy within the university
  • End to tuition fees for international students
  • Better teaching, information and services in English
  • More participation opportunities in the student union in English
  • No to racism, sexism and discrimination!
  • More preparing courses for Finnish work life

More: www.facebook.com/tampereenyliopistonvihrealista/ , www.instagram.com/vihrea_lista/