The schedule of the council elections is the following:

Candidacy announcement

Candidacy announcement begins on August 3rd and ends on September 24th. On August 3rd the electoral documents will be available from our service offices and the electrical forms will be published.

The electoral documents must be returned before September 24 16.00. Notice that the time is exact, the documents must be returned before 16.00. The Central Election Committee will handle the documents and make decisions on unclear situations on September 25.


The campaign marketing season begins on October 12. Campaign marketing is allowed, kindly follow the instructions given by the Central Election Committee. The campaign instructions can be found on the Electoral documents -page.


The early voting happens:

  • 28.10. 2020 at 9.00–20.00
  • 29.10. 2020 at 9.00–20.00
  • 30.10. 2020 at 9.00–20.00

The election days are:

  • 2.11.2020 at 9.00–18.00
  • 3.11.2020 at 9.00–18.00
  • 4.11.2020 at 9.00–18.00

The unofficial polling stations are open on campus November 2 at 10-16, November 3 at 10-16 and November 4 at 9-17. The election night will be held on November 4 starting at 18, more information on that will be updated!

The Central Election Committee will make decisions on the voting advice application’s opening times and the implementation of the election market, event and panel.