If students are not well, Tampere is not well!

Tampere is an attractive university city with a good image and high-quality study opportunities. It is no wonder that every sixth resident of Tampere is a student. We students are a large, diverse group of people, and we need and use the City’s services just as much as everyone else.

As the best Finnish city for students, Tampere should actively invest in supporting study ability and well-being as well as ensure that social and healthcare services are accessible to all students in different life situations. Maintaining an attractive, lively, and safe urban environment and culture and offering various leisure activities are also important investments in order to improve students’ quality of life and the City’s ability to keep its residents.

If our objectives come through, the students of Tampere would feel better both during and after their studies.

  • Tampere continues its goal-oriented climate policy to ensure that it will become carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Social services understand the daily lives, financial situations, and well-being of both Finnish and international students.
  • Tampere should have plenty of parks, good opportunities for outdoor activities and sports and free-to-use spaces to support the well-being of its residents.

Tampere, the best place to study and work!

The students of Tampere are studying to become future experts in various fields. Many of us students, both Finnish and international, would like to complete our practical training and find employment here in Tampere, but are often forced to move elsewhere for work. We believe that our employment opportunities in Tampere could be improved.

To allow the City of Tampere to harness the expertise of its students, we should be offered different kinds of internships and practical training as well as thesis work and course project opportunities.

Opportunities for cooperation between the City and the universities community can be found in almost all fields.

However, we students are a lot more than just future workforce: we are part of the universities community whose knowledge and expertise should also be utilised in the City’s decision-making.

If our objectives come through, Tampere will be a good place to study and work. The employment policy of Tampere should support the employment of people with higher education and take international talent better into account. The implementation of anonymous recruiting enforces the equality of working life.

  • The employment services of Tampere are developed in cooperation with TE Services (public employment and business services) to help people with higher education find employment and to take international professionals better into consideration.
  • The City of Tampere introduces anonymous recruiting practices.
  • As one of the founding members of Tampere University, the City of Tampere promotes the long-term building of a high-quality universities community and works openly while listening to the community.

Unique homes in Tampere for everyone!

Housing has an essential role in good everyday life. Reasonably priced quality housing improves students’ quality of life, supports their financial situation, and creates a stronger sense of community. We students need different kinds of housing options in various locations: one prefers to share a flat in Hervanta, the other enjoys living in a family apartment in the city centre, whereas the third is happy to live in a studio in Kaleva.

Student housing services are not able to meet the needs of all students, and there are not enough student flats for everyone. For this reason, Tampere needs moderately priced and student-friendly housing that should be offered by both the City and private renters.

High-quality student housing is environmentally friendly. Housing policy and land use planning that respect the limits of the environment promote a carbon neutral, sustainable Tampere.

  • The parking space norm is relaxed to free up space for useful purposes and to lower housing costs.
  • Ecological sustainability is taken into account in urban planning projects.
  • The increase in rent level is controlled by prioritising the prompt planning of reasonably priced rental flats.

Tampere moves around effortlessly and sustainably!

We students travel from one place to another primarily by bike, on foot or by public transport. These sustainable means of transport are also at the core of the City’s transport policy.

Affordable public transport encourages people to explore the City of Tampere and opt for low-emission vehicles. For these reasons, the public transport services should have a fair student discount that is applied to all students.

Developing the city centre so that it is accessible to all walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users makes the City more pleasant and ensures that it remains lively 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Taking usability and safety aspects into account in cycle paths and walkways will take us one step closer to not only a carbon neutral but also more student-friendly Tampere.

  • All students receive a fair public transport discount all year round.
  • People can move between campuses and in other essential areas easily and safely by bike.
  • Public transport services are also extensively available at night.

The municipal election platform

The municipal election platform of the Student Union of Tampere University and the Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (.pdf, 2 Mt)