Right to vote

In municipal elections of Finland, entitled to vote are Finnish citizens who reach the age of 18 years on election day at the latest and reside in Finland. In addition, entitled to vote are:

  1. citizens of other EU Member States, Iceland and Norway residing in Finland, under the same conditions as Finnish citizens; and
  2. citizens of other states if they have resided continuously in Finland from 23 April 2019.

No one needs to separately register to be entered in the voting register for municipal elections. Instead, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency compiles the register by virtue of office, based on the information entered in the Finnish Population Information System for each individual.


Eligible to stand as a candidate in municipal elections is a person

  1. whose municipality of residence the municipality in question is,
  2. who is entitled to vote in municipal elections in some municipality, and
  3. who is not without legal capacity.

Candidates can stand from political parties or constituency associations, and the last day to stand as a candidate is 4 May.

More information on the right to vote and eligibility on the elections’ vaalit.fi website.

Important dates

  • Submission of candidate applications 4 May
  • Advance voting in Finland 26 May – 8 June
  • Advance voting abroad 2 – 5 June
  • Election Day 13 June

Advance polling stations near campuses

  • Tullintori shopping centre
  • Duo Shopping Centre
  • Prisma Kaleva
  • In addition, there are polling stations in other shopping centres