Approved in the meeting of the Administrative Committee on 20 September 2021

General principles

  • The board selection process is done in an open and good atmosphere.
  • Applying for the board is a pleasant experience for the applicant and it does not cause excessive stress.
  • The selected board should be a proficient and diverse group that represents the whole student union.
  • The selection process evaluates the applicants’ communication skills and ability to function as a member of the board, as well as their general understanding of the student union and its functions.


  • The council can get to know the board applicants through an interview night, a panel discussion or other possible arrangements decided by the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee decides the date and time of events related to the board selection. If a panel discussion is organised, it will take place before the interview night.
  • Council groups are responsible of contacting the board applicants. If a council group wants to contact the applicants, they should contact all applicants equally. Equal treatment of applicants also applies to possible written assignments or interviews.
  • Contacting the applicants is done through a contact person of the group.
  • Council groups’ individual interviews are not recommended – all interviews should be done during the joint interview night. If the council groups decide to organise individual interviews, however, they should offer the opportunity to be interviewed to all applicants.

Interview rooms

  • Council group circles and groups outside circles can organise their own interview rooms for the joint interview night, if they wish.
  • Planning of the interview night should take into account sufficient breaks and transfer time from one room to another. Instructions for the interview night should include communication in advance and signs and a neutral guide person on the spot. A quiet space to retreat in between interviews will be organised for the applicants.
  • If they wish, the council groups can videotape the interviews, with the applicant’s consent. Consent for recording should be acquired a minimum of 24 hours before the interview.
  • Video recordings are only available for the council groups, and they will be deleted immediately after the board selection. Information security needs to be taken into account when handling the recordings.

Panel discussion

  • A panel discussion will not be organized separately for board candidates. A panel-style question session will be organized for the chair of the board candidates at the autumn meeting of the Representative Council 21 November 2023.


  • The election is democratic and in accordance with the electoral procedure stated in the rules.
  • A pleasant atmosphere is created in the meeting, the duration of the meeting and proficiency of vote counters are considered.
  • The applicants are informed on the course of the meeting in advance.
  • There will not be situations where speaking in front of an audience without preparation is required.
  • Chair candidates can request the floor to give an introductory speech. No additional supporting speeches will be given.