The student representatives are sometimes also called hallopeds. They operate as student representatives in the bodies of our university’s administration. The student union nominates student representatives to the Academic Board, the Education Council and Faculty Councils, among others. The student representative body’s work is very important, because it ensures that the points of views and voices of students can be seen and heard in the development of education and of the university.

You do not have to be a veteran of student politics or an expert at meetings to become a student representative. If you are interested in promoting and supervising the interests of all students while you are studying, you were born to be a student representative. Through the position of a student representative, you can be a part of the wondrous world of student advocacy!

More information about the student representative body’s activity: Tiia Virtanen, Educational Affairs Specialist (, +358 40 713 0077)

The Academic Board is the multimembered body of the foundation university, referred to in the Universities Act. The Academic Board has 19 members: 8 professor members, 6 representatives of other teaching and research staff and of other staff and 5 student members. According to the regulations, a Provost acts as the chair of the Academic Board. The Academic Board elects the vice chair from among the professor members.

The duties of the Academic Board include nominating the board members of the foundation university, observing and developing the unity, effectiveness and quality of the university’s research, education and societal interaction, to decide the degree regulations and other general regulations concerning education and research as well as to set necessary committees and other bodies that process matters concerning degrees, evaluation and correction.

The student representatives of the Academic Board are:

Annika Nevanpää
Ilona Taubert

Janne Kajander
Mikko Kauhanen
Ville Tynkkynen

You can find more information about the Academic Board from university’s Intranet

The Education Council supports the university’s preconditions to promote scientific and artistic education and to provide education based on high-quality and ethically sustainable research and promotes the continuous learning of the know-how concerning social influence. The council acts as a tool for the multisectoral and multidisciplinary development of the university.

The Education Council’s duties include the support of the drafting of the university’s education strategy and the observation of its implementation, the preparation of the degree education (basic education and further education), education administration, curriculum design and the development of education, support of the well-being and student experience of students, as well as the development of the pedagogy and the study environment and the support of the administration in educational matters that concern the whole community. Permanent expert members include the student union’s Specialists in Academic Affairs.

The student representatives of the Education Council are:

Jenna Rantanen, deputy Aleksi Niemi
Anna Alexanova, deputy Vivian Lunnikivi
Joonas Jäppinen, deputy Eemeli Lahtinen
Sanna Kallio, deputy Lauri Sahramaa

You can find more information about the Education Council from the university’s Intranet.

The Council of Societal Impact supports the university’s ability to interact with the rest of the society and to promote the societal impact of research results and artistic activity. The council acts as a tool for the multisectoral and multidisciplinary development of the university. The council consists of three representatives from Tampere University and one from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The duties of the Council of Societal Impact include preparing matters concerning societal impact, making motions related to societal impact and supporting the drafting of the plan of action of societal impact.

The student representatives of the Council of Societal Impact are:

Aliisa Toivanen, deputy Tuomas Kauppinen
Eero Kiiski, deputy Salla-Mari Palokari
Teemu Kontro, deputy Petra Oksa

You can find more information about the  Societal Interaction Council from university’s Intranet. 

A student dissatisfied with a decision given to a petition of correction concerning the evaluation and credit transfer of studies or know-how of some other completed course than the licentiate thesis, doctoral dissertation or a final thesis belonging to advanced studies, can petition for a correction from the Appeals Board. The duty of the Appeals Board is to solve the claims of correction.

The Appeals Board consists of three professors, three representatives of other teaching or research staff and three student representatives (one of which is a postgraduate student). Personal deputy members are also nominated for each member. Student representatives are nominated for two years at a time.

The student representatives of the Appeals Board are:

Lauri Sahramaa, deputy Joonas Jäppinen
Petra Pieskä, deputy Iiris Taubert

You can find more information about the Appeals Committee from university’s Intranet.

According to the regulations of Tampere University, each faculty has a Faculty Council. The term of office of the Faculty Council’s student representatives is two years. The Faculty Council consists of no more than 15 members: 5 professor members, 5 other teaching and research staff and other staff representatives and 5 student members. A personal deputy member is nominated for each of them.

The duties of the Faculty Council are to observe and evaluate the realisation of the faculty’s plan of action and budget, to make proposals to found and disband degree programmes to the Academic Board, to accept the curricula for the Academic Board to validate and to decide on the evaluation criteria of theses and the postgraduate degree theses.

Each of the seven faculties has their own Faculty Council. The student representatives of the Faculty Councils are listed below.

Information Technology and Communication Sciences (Intranet page)
Arttu Nevalainen, deputy Ville Jäppinen
Esko Nieminen, we are looking for deputy member
Jani Björklund, deputy Aleksi Mattila
Suvi Parhankangas, deputy Emmi Juolahti
Veli-Matti Korpelainen, deputy Vivian Lunnikivi

Management and Business (Intranet page)
Heta Lindgren, deputy Anssi Flink
Jutta Kuusela, deputy Milena Määttä
Nea Lyytikäinen, deputy Aleksi Niemi
Nelly Kivinen, deputy Hanna Vähävuori
Mikko Malmström, deputy Salla-Mari Palokari

Education and Culture (Intranet page)
Eemeli Lahtinen, deputy Iiris Taubert
Saija Yli-Rosti, deputy Jenna Rantanen
Heidi Riikonen, deputy Matti Luoma-Lammi
Miikka Mäkirinta, deputy Jussi Hakalahti
Tuomas Kauppinen, we are looking for deputy member

Medicine and Health Technology (Intranet page)
Joel Kontiainen, deputy Riikka Hentunen
Marjo Hintsala, deputy Markus Hautamäki
Paula Sajaniemi, deputy Vappu Tainio
Riku Metsälä, deputy Elisa Jääskeläinen
Sanna Kallio, deputy Julius Haapakoski

Built environment (Intranet page)
Aleksi Heininen, deputy Sohvi Hyvärinen
Lauri Koski, deputy Ida-Maaria Tervala
Lauri Sahramaa, we are looking for deputy member
Otto Haarala, deputy Tomi Sirola
Markus Lehtonen, we are looking for deputy member

Engineering and Natural Sciences (Intranet page)
Aapo Honkakunnas, deputy Juho Kuiko
Jussi Kaivonen, deputy Elli-Noora Mäkitalo
Jaakko Karppinen, deputy Laura Karintaus
Neela Walin, deputy Teemu Kontro
Veikko Kujala, deputy Kaisa Mikkola

Social Sciences (Intranet page)
Eero Sallinen, deputy Ida Pajupuro
Juliaana Nauha, deputy Fanny Kaivonen
Katariina Kojo, deputy Henna Salminen
Tuuli-Kaisa Peltola, deputy Miska Puputti
Tiina Koivula, we are looking for deputy member

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