Students are able to loan laptops from the university under the current exceptional circumstances

The University has a number of laptops available for the students to loan if their own device is i.e. broken. Students must agree on the pick-up of loan devices in advance with the IT Helpdesk

Laptops that are available for loan to students can be collected from the Hervanta campus, the city centre campus and the TAMK main campus. As the number of laptops is limited, they can only be borrowed by students who urgently need them. Please send an inquiry about the availability of loan devices to the IT Helpdesk in advance (


 Short-term loan of 1-5 days

A student’s own laptop has broken.

Priority will be given to international students to whom the purchase of a new device may be more of a problem.

Long-term loan of 2-5 weeks in special cases

Devices may be made available for long-term loan if the faculty or school recommends it, for example, if a student finalising his or her thesis needs to access special software available in the campus computer labs.

The vice deans for education in the faculties or designated persons in the schools will prioritise loan requests in their own units, if necessary.


IT Helpdesk

0294 520 500

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