Student Union of Tampere University TREY is a community of 18 000 Tampere University students.


Rakennustalo, L-wing, 3rd floor, Hervanta campus of the Tampere University, Korkeakoulunkatu 5, 33720 Tampere

Service office

The service offices of TREY are open as follows:

  • City center campus (Pienteollisuustalo): open Mon 12-16, Tue-Fri 9.15-11 and 12-16
  • Hervanta campus (Main building): open Mon 11–16, Tue–Thu 10-16 ja Fri 10-15

We will inform of exceptions to opening hours on the page Exceptions to opening hours.



Paula Sajaniemi

Phone 050 361 2845

Vice chair, social affairs

Paavo Antikainen

Social affairs

Merve Caglayan

Educational affairs, advocacy communications

Jenna Rantanen

Educational and international affairs

Annika Nevanpää

International affairs, tutoring, development cooperation

Max Liikka

Communications, brand

Petra Oksa

Organizational affairs

Adam Zeidan

Organizational affairs, campus development, corporate relations, member services

Matti Andersson

Events, community, volunteers, sports

Eeva Ylimäki


Secretary general

Venla Monter

Phone 050 361 2854
TG: @treyvenla

Office secretary (city center campus)

Tuire Jalaskoski

Phone 044 361 0210

Office secretary (Hervanta campus)

Paula Nykänen

Phone 040 713 0073

Financial secretary

Lea Kontoniemi

Phone 044 361 0212

Educational affairs specialist

Tiia Virtanen

Phone 040 713 0077
TG: @treytiia

Educational affairs specialist

Jenny Vaara

Phone 050 361 2847
TG: @treyjenny

Social affairs specialist

Milka Hanhela

Phone 050 361 2846
TG: @treymilka

Social affairs specialist

Laura Kaipia

Phone 040 713 0074
TG: @treylaura

International affairs and advocacy specialist

Anne Mäki-Rahkola

Phone 050 361 2849
TG: @treyanne
Substitute during the study leave of Varpu Jutila

Organizational affairs specialist

Tuulia Laakso

Phone 040 713 0079
TG: @treytuulia
Substitute during the study leave of Nelli Putkonen

Communications specialist

Saana Hytönen

Phone 050 361 2454
TG: @treysaana
Fixed-period substitute of Maria Mäki-Hakola

Tutoring specialist

Mikko Salminen

Phone 040 713 0070
TG: @treymikko

Community specialist

Meeri Pekkola

Phone 044 361 0204
TG: @treymeeri
Substitute during the maternity leave of Johanna Hovilainen

Harassment contact persons

Harassment contact person

Laura Kaipia

Phone 040 713 0074

Harassment contact person

Mikko Salminen

Phone 040 713 0070



Veli-Matti Korpelainen