The purpose of student tutoring is to offer peer support to new students. Starting your studies is an exciting phase in life – during this time, student tutors offer important guidance to the ways of university life. International student tutors also introduce the new student to Finland and student life here. 

Tampere University is responsible for student tutoring, but TREY is tasked with responsibilities such as organising tutor recruitment and tutor training. TREY is actively in contact with the tutoring organisers and international organisers in subject associations. At the student union, the tutoring organiser of the board and the Specialist in Tutoring are responsible for tutoring matters. You can ask them for more information about tutoring, the development of the new tutoring model and TREY’s services for tutors.

Please contact TREY’s tutoring sector by emailing Personal contact info is available on the Contact page.

National student tutoring

National student tutoring means tutoring that happens in Finnish-speaking degree programmes. Tutoring can be integrated to your degree, please read more on the Students’ guide here. Tutoring Finnish degree students requires fluent Finnish skills.

International student tutoring

International student tutoring is a great way to gain international experience, get to know new people and do some good: as a student tutor for international students, you can ease their culture shock and provide help during the beginning of their studies. Assistance is needed as the international students arrive to Tampere. The tutors help them adjust both to the university community and student life here. To become an international tutor, you need above all an open mind and fluency in a language other than Finnish; other skills related to international tutoring are easy and quick to acquire.

International student tutoring can be integrated to your degree. It is a study module with clearly defined expected learning outcomes and ECTS credits. The module includes training sessions, the actual tutoring work and reporting. The tutors can receive a small monetary compensation for their work and a certificate upon request. By participating in international tutoring, you can also get course credit for the Internationalisation Module of your degree.

Tutor selection

After the application period ends, TREY will send lists of applicants to subject associations and to the degree programmes (Hervanta campus only). They will make the selections bythe deadline. After this the chosen tutors will be added to mailing lists and they will receive important information on, for example, the upcoming tutor training sessions. If you have questions regarding the tutor selection, please contact your subject association or degree programme. If you don’t know who to contact, send an email to

The tutor selections for autumn 2020 have been made. Contact your subject association (city centre & Kauppi) or degree program (Hervanta), if you have questions regarding this matter.

Training for international student tutors

Participation in tutor trainings is mandatory for selected tutors. Please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, the trainings are organised in an alternative manner. Information on the trainings will be provided to tutors through the international student tutors’ mailing list.

  • 1st training: Lecture recordings on Moodle
  • 2nd training: TBA
  • 3rd training: Lecture for all international student tutors on 3 August on the city centre campus 14-16. A recording of this will be provided, as well.

Hovi – a meeting place for tutoring organisers

TREY will remain in close contact with subject associations throughout the academic year. For students working with student tutoring in their associations, this cooperation happens through Hovi (“Court” in Finnish). All people responsible for either national or international student tutoring are asked to join Hovi. The group has a mailing list ( and a Telegram chat group (Hovi 2020) to facilitate discussion and conveying information. All new organisers are asked to join these channels. Hovi will communicate bilingually throughout the year.

Tutoring guidebooks

TREY and the university have compiled guidebooks for student tutors to assist them in their work. You can access the 2020–2021 versions below.

Guide for international tutors in English (.pdf, 152 kt)

Tutor’s guide in Finnish (.pdf, 144 kt)