Internationality is a theme that is considered in all student union operations. The task of the student union’s international affairs sector is to make sure that Finnish students have possibilities for internationalisation and that international students are considered in the services of the university and the student union.

TREY’s international affairs sector works closely together with the international associations and the university’s Centre for International Education. The students’ possibilities for exchange years and intern periods overseas are essential for gaining international experience and improving language skills. Studies completed during exchange are also easily included as a sensible part of the degree. Internationality does not always necessarily mean travelling elsewhere. You can become internationalised in your home university, e.g. with the help of the versatile language studies that are offered. One excellent way of getting to know international students is to become an international tutor.

Tampere University has annually about a thousand foreign students. About half of them are degree students doing their master’s degree. The degree students study in many different faculties that provide education for a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in English.

The other half of the international students are exchange students, who come to Tampere for a term or two. The majority of the exchange students come through the Erasmus program, but there are also people from the university’s bilateral student exchange and a few that have arranged the exchange themselves.

Internationality and advocacy

The advocacy work of the international affairs sector is linked closely with questions both about educational affairs and social affairs. TREY advocates for free education for students coming from outside the EU/EEA-region, who must pay tuition fees at the moment. In addition, TREY aims to advance the extensive language course offering and Finnish language teaching for exchange students. TREY also believes that the international degree students’ employment opportunities are important, so that as many international experts as possible could be persuaded to stay in the country. The student union also helps the international students in matters concerning housing, insurance, residence permits and health care.