The statements of the student union will be updated here.


Joint statement from TREY and Tamko about opening the libraries (article published 4.6.)

TREY´s statement on mid-term policy review (article published 14.4.2021.)

From words of concern to concrete measures for improving the well-being of students (article published 11.3.2021)

TREY’s statement on returning the sports fee (article published 19.2.2021)

The Student Union of Tampere University’s statement to the statement prepared by Tampere University on a report on general upper secondary school diplomas (article published 18.2.2021)

TREY’s statement on the education policy report (article published 2.2.2021)


TREY statement Supplementary funding should be allocated to actions that promote studies – increased student intakes pose a challenge to universities (article published 4.6.2020)

Education should not be tied to ones bank account (article published 14.5.2020)

TREY & TATTE’s statement: The reform of the University’s administration system and rules of procedure must be started (article published 6.5.2020)

TREY statement resources in teaching preparation and guidance must be secured (article published 4.6.2020)

TREY supports our students environmental appeal here and now (article published 10.4.2020)

TREY’s statement on the need for amendments in degree regulations and assessment policy (article published  20.2.2020)

TREY’s comments on the university’s draft strategy (article published 23.1.2020)