Study guidance services

  • student advisors and academic officers
  • guidance counsellors

Study psychologist

The study psychologist provides services for students especially in problematic situations regarding studies, but also in other hard situations in life. You can find the study psychologist’s contact information from the University’s website.

Special arrangements

Special arrangements can be granted for a student that has learning problems or an illness or a disability that affects studying. The special arrangements don’t affect the learning objectives of the courses or the degree, but instead they aim to support the students in reaching their goals. You can seek special arrangements from the University’s joint study support services.

Student tutors

The student union, together with the University, operate tutor activity. Especially at the beginning of the studies, your own tutor is the first person you can turn to. If your tutor cannot answer your question themselves, they will find someone who can. Read more about tutoring here.


Read about the services supporting student welfare here.

Help from FSHS

You can find FSHS’s services here.