Current issues

Respond to the student livelihood survey!

This survey will examine students’ livelihood, employment and housing, as well as any changes regarding them. The survey generates relevant and up-to-date information on the financial status of university students across Finland. The survey responses will be utilised for the…

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Tampere would benefit from free university education

Finland aims to raise the number of international professionals in the country as the dependency ratio goes down. It is contradictory, however, that at the same time many political decisions make Finland a less appealing study destination. One of those…

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Get involved in next year’s activities!

Apply to TREY’s Board 2022! The search for TREY’s Executive Board 2022 is happening now! Apply to help our community recover from the pandemic and to influence student-related issues! The Board members manage the student union’s day-to-day activities with the…

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