The Student Union may award academic badges and recognitions to persons and entities who have worked long and actively for the benefit of the Student Union and have furthered the goals and aspirations of the Student Union. The various badges and recognitions and their award criteria can be found in The Emblem and Flag Code of the Student Union of Tampere University, which can be found on the Steering documents -page.

Submit your well-reasoned proposal of the recipient of the recognition with this Office forms. Recognitions are awarded in a consistent policy and considering a variety of different matters – good reasonings will be archived also for the future!

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Badge of honour

No awarded badges.

Badge of merit

Paula Sajaniemi (awarded on 23 September 2021)

Paula Sajaniemi was the first Chair of the Executive Board of the Student Union from 27 November 2018 to 31 December 2019. The first Chair is exceptionally significant to any community, and the Chair has a special role in launching the operations of an organisation. The basis for operations created during Sajaniemi’s term in office, and the continuous development of Student Union, clearly indicates how Sajaniemi’s work has continued to make an impact even after her term as Chair. Sajaniemi put her focus not only on TREY’s internal operations but on the forming of the Tampere student community as well. As the first Chair of the Student Union, Sajaniemi got to solve challenges on a wide scale – ranging from practical IT solutions to bigger questions regarding the spirit of the Student Union.  Sajaniemi lead the Student Union in finding answers to questions such as, “What kind of a community is TREY?”, “What does it mean to be a member of TREY?” “What should the Student Union’s every-day operations look like?”.

Joonas Streng (awarded on 23 September 2021)

Joonas Streng worked in the position of Financial Manager at TREY from November 2019 to June 2021. In the first years of the Student Union, Streng was a hard-working employee, going above and beyond than just his own duties as the Financial Manager. Streng created financial processes and reviewed and built the basis for financial management. He also helped to advance significant developmental projects, from resolving the future of the Ylioppilastalo foundation to the selling of facilities. For a little over two years, Streng gave his full contribution to the student union.

Honorary membership

Päivi Lindén (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Päivi Lindén is a long-term figure with Juvenes Oy, having advanced from working in the kitchen to the position of CEO. Päivi embodies the spirit of Juvenes – or at least takes good care of it. Päivi has led Juvenes Oy through the pandemic, having maintained her initiative, excitement, and courage to try new things on an exceptional level. Päivi is a committed and skilled CEO. Attitude can make a difference, even during normal times, but especially during these exceptional times it is Päivi’s “Not on my watch!” -mentality that is worth recognition.

Tommi Rasila (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Tommi Rasila is still a relatively new figure in Juvenes’ operations: he has been the Chair of the Board since 2018. However, Tommi has played a critically important role in leading Juvenes Oy through tough times during these past couple of years. In addition to the pandemic, simultaneous changes in the compositions of the board and company management in 2018 brought extra challenges to the leading of the company and chairing the board. The company could be in great trouble if it didn’t have such an experienced and committed Chair of the Board. Tommi has given his all to the work as the Chair of Juvenes Oy’s Board and put all his contacts and resources in good use.

Ritva Hietala (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Ritva Hietala is another long-term figure at Juvenes Oy, one side of a strong managing pair, deputy CEO and head of personnel. Ritva has had a long career and is fully committed to the company, and the the results of her work have been extraordinary. During the pandemic, the company went through over a decade’s worth of cooperation negotiations under Ritva’s lead. Ritva’s work as deputy CEO and head of personnel also includes a lot of work not visible to the public: internal development of Juvenes Oy, maintaining the work ability of the personnel, and building the employer image. Ritva has expanded her own duties throughout the years, answering to the company’s needs.


No awarded standard.

Other recognitions

No awarded recognitions.