The Student Union may award academic badges and recognitions to persons and entities who have worked long and actively for the benefit of the Student Union and have furthered the goals and aspirations of the Student Union. The various badges and recognitions and their award criteria can be found in The Emblem and Flag Code of the Student Union of Tampere University, which can be found on the Steering documents -page.

Submit your well-reasoned proposal of the recipient of the recognition with this Office forms. Recognitions are awarded in a consistent policy and considering a variety of different matters – good reasonings will be archived also for the future!

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Badge of honour

Venla Monter (awarded on 21 September 2022)

The first student union badge of honour is awarded to Venla Monter. Venla has worked immensely hard for TREY and has been a constructive force, bringing people together. A great deal of the organisational structure and current practices at the student union are her design. She’s known for being an excellent superior and is widely trusted both at the heart of the organisation and within the membership. She successfully steered the student union under constant unusual circumstances – first when it was being established and then during covid times. Venla’s influence on TREY both precedes and exceeds her term of office – her contributions have made a difference to TREY both before it was established and now after her term, as she supports the current operatives. She is a crucial part of TREY’s identity – TREY and Venla are connected in many of our heads. TREY would not be TREY without Venla.

Badge of merit

Aleksi Niemi (awarded on 21 September 2023)

Aleksi Niemi is a long-term student influencer from Tampere who, after two years on the board of TREY, has continued to advocate for the student community as a student representative of the Academic Board. Aleksi has shown a special interest in developing the student movement also on the side of his career at SAMOK. Aleksi’s year as the Chair was marked by various turmoils in the organisation, for example after the Secretary General had changed several times. Although the year did not necessarily meet Aleksi’s expectations, it offered Aleksi a place to show his own expertise in challenging circumstances.

Saana Hytönen (awarded on 21 September 2023)

Saana Hytönen’s significant work in TREY’s communications and brand development, as well as her positive and supportive attitude, is appreciated both by TREY’s office and by the closest interest groups. In addition, Saana excels in tough crisis situations and is always ready to give a helping hand to her co-workers. Especially during the challenging year 2022, Saana took on tasks outside of her normal work duties. In addition, Saana has worked e.g., as an occupational safety and health officer and as a person in a position of trust.

Katariina Kojo (awarded on 21 September 2023)

Katariina Kojo has been a long and active member of TREY and its predecessor, Tamy. Katariina deserves special mention for her long-term merits as a student representative in the administration and as an active member of the Student Union Council of Representatives. Kojo is an empathetic and skilled negotiator who has managed to promote the interests of the student community in many tough situations. Katariina is described as a person who is involved in many things, does what she promises to be flawlessly, and is always worthy of trust.

Suvi Parhankangas (awarded on 21 September 2023)

In the early days of TREY, Suvi Parhankangas was a major driving force in the development of the new student union. Parhankangas has worked as a council representative, in the activities of the honorary committee as well as in several positions as a student representative in the administration. Nominated as the Council Representative of the Year, Suvi has always been ready to help new actives in the student union work. During the years, Suvi has set the example for how to influence activities constructively, actively and in a good spirit.

Laura Kaipia (awarded on 29 September 2022)

Laura Kaipia has been brought up practically every time when giving out recognitions. Laura’s work is vital to TREY: she helps everyone, is always the first to volunteer and still has an admirable ability to stay on top of her own work. She creates community and is widely trusted. Laura’s input raises up other TREY operators, which is one reason for our organisation being as functional as it is today. We would also have missed out on many advocacy wins without her. Laura’s work consists less of big, impressive wins, and more of making a quiet, long-term impact that helps others grow. Laura’s work and her wonderful teekkari flair are at the heart of many issues – and her significance is especially highlighted under unusual circumstances.

Annika Nevanpää (awarded on 29 September 2022)

Annika Nevanpää has made an impressive career in the student union and the student movement. In 2019, she was on the TREY Executive Board; in 2020, she was its chair; and in 2021, she chaired the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) amidst all the challenges of a covid year. Strategic development is perhaps Annika’s greatest contribution to TREY’s office and organisation – meaning the ins and outs of how a student union is actually led and how the main sector positions itself in relation to the others. In other words, her work has directly improved TREY’s management culture. After her term in SYL, Annika’s return to her roots has been marvellously active, both as an operative and in imparting all she learned in Helsinki on her home union.

Adam Zeidan (awarded on 29 September 2022)

Adam Zeidan has a manner of doing and being that has helped create consensus and a constructive air at the novel student union. As the chair of the Council of Representatives, he has remarkably wide parliamentary support, both from representatives close to him and from those farther away. He has been described in many ways, “teddy bear” being one of them. Adam’s record includes managing to successfully organise both administration and grassroots events and campaigns – and both over an impressively long period of time.

Paula Sajaniemi (awarded on 23 September 2021)

Paula Sajaniemi was the first Chair of the Executive Board of the Student Union from 27 November 2018 to 31 December 2019. The first Chair is exceptionally significant to any community, and the Chair has a special role in launching the operations of an organisation. The basis for operations created during Sajaniemi’s term in office, and the continuous development of Student Union, clearly indicates how Sajaniemi’s work has continued to make an impact even after her term as Chair. Sajaniemi put her focus not only on TREY’s internal operations but on the forming of the Tampere student community as well. As the first Chair of the Student Union, Sajaniemi got to solve challenges on a wide scale – ranging from practical IT solutions to bigger questions regarding the spirit of the Student Union.  Sajaniemi lead the Student Union in finding answers to questions such as, “What kind of a community is TREY?”, “What does it mean to be a member of TREY?” “What should the Student Union’s every-day operations look like?”.

Joonas Streng (awarded on 23 September 2021)

Joonas Streng worked in the position of Financial Manager at TREY from November 2019 to June 2021. In the first years of the Student Union, Streng was a hard-working employee, going above and beyond than just his own duties as the Financial Manager. Streng created financial processes and reviewed and built the basis for financial management. He also helped to advance significant developmental projects, from resolving the future of the Ylioppilastalo foundation to the selling of facilities. For a little over two years, Streng gave his full contribution to the student union.

Honorary membership

Risto Korhonen (awarded an honorary membership on 26 September 2023)

As campus pastor, Risto Korhonen has done great and long-term work for the benefit of students. For years, Risto has been one of the pillars of TREY’s everyday life, offering work guidance to the Student Union’s boards, Chairs and Secretary Generals. In his work, Risto encounters students on a daily basis, always being there to help those in need. Under Risto’s leadership, the campus chapel has appeared to students as attractive and as a place that has kept up with the times, from which the student can go without hesitation and ask for help.

Kirsi Koski (awarded an honorary membership on 26 September 2023)

Kirsi Koski has worked as the CEO of TOAS for a long time and has done pioneering work to improve housing for students in Tampere. Under Kirsi’s leadership, TOAS has developed into a pioneer in sustainable construction, an attractive provider of student housing, and a key partner in the accommodation of international students. TOAS, led by Kirsi, is always cheerful, helpful and student friendly.

Päivi Lindén (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Päivi Lindén is a long-term figure with Juvenes Oy, having advanced from working in the kitchen to the position of CEO. Päivi embodies the spirit of Juvenes – or at least takes good care of it. Päivi has led Juvenes Oy through the pandemic, having maintained her initiative, excitement, and courage to try new things on an exceptional level. Päivi is a committed and skilled CEO. Attitude can make a difference, even during normal times, but especially during these exceptional times it is Päivi’s “Not on my watch!” -mentality that is worth recognition.

Tommi Rasila (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Tommi Rasila is still a relatively new figure in Juvenes’ operations: he has been the Chair of the Board since 2018. However, Tommi has played a critically important role in leading Juvenes Oy through tough times during these past couple of years. In addition to the pandemic, simultaneous changes in the compositions of the board and company management in 2018 brought extra challenges to the leading of the company and chairing the board. The company could be in great trouble if it didn’t have such an experienced and committed Chair of the Board. Tommi has given his all to the work as the Chair of Juvenes Oy’s Board and put all his contacts and resources in good use.

Ritva Hietala (awarded an honorary membership on 22 September 2021)

Ritva Hietala is another long-term figure at Juvenes Oy, one side of a strong managing pair, deputy CEO and head of personnel. Ritva has had a long career and is fully committed to the company, and the the results of her work have been extraordinary. During the pandemic, the company went through over a decade’s worth of cooperation negotiations under Ritva’s lead. Ritva’s work as deputy CEO and head of personnel also includes a lot of work not visible to the public: internal development of Juvenes Oy, maintaining the work ability of the personnel, and building the employer image. Ritva has expanded her own duties throughout the years, answering to the company’s needs.


TOAS (awarded a standard on 5 October 2023)

TOAS has been enabling student housing in Tampere for a very long time. Throughout TREY’s existence, relations with TOAS have been warm and cooperation has been excellent. This autumn, for example, TOAS has taken on a major role in addressing the housing problems of exchange students. While working with TOAS, you can really see that they do their job with the students’ best in mind.

Tamko (awarded a standard on 5 October 2023)

TREY has worked closely with Tamko throughout its existence. In particular, the cooperation on urban advocacy and elections has been brilliant, and the 2023 Spring Parliamentary elections were a prime example of this! The cooperation with Tamko has been smooth also when considering services and events. Tamko is a reliable partner and a pleasure to work with. With them, you know that you have each other’s backs.

Teekkari Union of Tampere ry (awarded a standard on 5 October 2023)

Teekkari Union of Tampere has been not only a significant producer of student culture in Tampere, but also an important partner of TREY. The Biggest Wappu in Finland, organised with the Teekkari Union, is a clear example of this. Aimed at the whole student community, Wappu is constantly growing bigger and better, and its traditions are strengthened year after year. We have also cooperated with Teekkari Union on services and institutions.

Juvenes Oy (awarded a standard on 5 October 2023)

Juvenes, owned by the Student Union, has been important for the Student Union. With Juvenes we have supported each other, and our relations with Juvenes have always been trusting and warm. The cooperation has been going smoothly and Juvenes is actively involved in TREY events. New concepts, such as Juvegaala for event organisers, have also been continuously developed.

Other recognitions

Certificates of honour

The Executive Board has decided at its meeting 38/2019 to award a certificate of honour to the persons who have done significant work in the merger of the student unions between 2017–2018:

  • Sanni Pietilä
  • Jukka Koivisto
  • Sanni Lehtinen
  • Lassi Mäkinen
  • Jari-Pekka Kanniainen
  • Rosa Lehtinen
  • Mikael Malkamäki