Associations that have been granted association status are entitled to the student union’s association services, which include financial aid, counselling, training, support for communication, facilities and items for rent.

Below you can find the frequently asked questions from association actives. You can find more information about the association services provided by the student union from the sub-pages. TREY is also drafting an association guide, which includes more details about the day-to-day operations of an association.

An association operates within the student union when TREY’s board accepts the association as an association operating within it. The association must adhere to the student union’s Association Standing Order.

An association can start operating within TREY by following these steps:

  1. Message the student union’s Specialist in Association Affairs and inform them about your willingness to become an association operating within TREY. Carefully read the instructions about the documents you need to provide.
  2. TREY’s board will read the documents and confirm that the conditions of the Association Standing Order are met.
  3. The board accepts that the association operates within TREY and informs the association about the decision.

If you change the rules or make new ones, we recommend following these instructions:

  1. Modify the rule items in question.
  2. Bring the amendment with the modifications clearly indicated to the student union for the association sector to check. The easiest way is to send the amendments to the association sector by email.
  3. The association sector checks the rules and confirms that the rules adhere to the Association Standing Order.
  4. Make the needed revisions to the rules.
  5. Send the amendment to the association sector for a re-check. This makes everyone’s job easier because the rules that the association sector checks are more likely to receive the approval of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).
  6. Approve of the changes in a board meeting to be motioned in a general meeting.
  7. Approve of the change according to your current rules in the general meeting. It is likely that this requires two general meetings.
  8. Send the rules for PRH to check.
  9. PRH accepts your change of rules and the new rules come into effect.
  10. Finally, send the approved rules for the student union.

If the association is only being founded, the same process applies, except that the rules do not have to be approved twice. A constitutive meeting is enough. Read about founding an association below.

You should reserve time for rule changes. Most associations’ rules govern that the rule change must be approved in two consecutive meetings, and the meetings must be at least two weeks apart. Taking into consideration the summoning period of the meetings (usually five working days), the rule change will take at least a month. In addition, depending on the business of the student union’s organisational sector, checking the rules might take a few weeks, depending of course on the necessary revisions and the amount of revision cycles.

Contact the student union’s organisational sector ahead of time before founding an association and talk about your intentions. A basis for rules is made together with the association sector before the constitutive meeting, and with the help of the basis it’s easy for the association to create its own rules.

The association is founded like any other registered association. A group as large as possible of people interested in the association’s future activity is gathered in the constitutive meeting, where a decision about founding the association is made, the rules for it are accepted and other relevant matters to the association’s activity are decided upon.

The easiest way to report an association is the PRH’s e-form, which requires the new association’s rules, the founding member’s e-signature with an online bank account and the service fee for the founding report. More information on reporting an association can be found from the PRH’s website.

The constitutive meeting is summoned ahead of time and by using all the biggest information channels. This helps the association to get the largest possible member base from the beginning, which is needed to create permanent activity. The invitation should specify that it is a constitutive meeting and include information about what kind of association is being founded. The convener can be anyone.

The agenda for the actual meeting is the following:

  • Opening the meeting
    • The convener opens it
  • Organising the meeting
    • A chair, a secretary and 2 scrutineers are chosen
  • The agenda is approved
  • Founding the association
    • In the minutes, enter e.g. “Decided to found a club called Temppu and accepted the attached rules. Those present at the constitutive meeting became members of the club.”
  • Choosing the board
    • The amount that the rules govern, in the way that the rules govern
  • Choosing the performance auditors
  • The size of the membership fee and the support membership fee
  • Agenda and budget for the first activity period
  • Other possible practicalities concerning the beginning of the activities
    • The symbols of the club: symbols, flags, pennants, ribbons, overalls etc.
    • Opening a bank account
    • Getting an email account
    • Etc.
  • Closing the meeting

The minutes of the meeting are signed by at least the chair and the scrutineers. The rules and list of people that participated in the meeting must be attached to the minutes.

Below you find a glossary, which may help your association or club to communicate both in Finnish and English. If you are missing a proper word, let us know!


  • Academic Board = konsistori
  • action plan = toimintasuunnitelma
  • administrative science = hallintotiede
  • advanced studies = syventävät opinnot
  • advocacy = edunvalvonta, vaikuttamistyö
  • agenda = esityslista
  • anniversary party, annual celebration = vuosijuhla
  • annual report = vuosikertomus, toimintakertomus
  • applicant = hakija, ehdokas
  • approve = hyväksyä
  • architect = arkkitehti
  • architecture = arkkitehtuuri
  • assessment = arviointi
  • association = järjestö
  • attachment, appendix = liite
  • auditor = tarkastaja
  • auditing = (toiminnan-, tilin)tarkastus
  • automation engineering = automaatiotekniikka


  • Bachelor = kandidaatti
  • Bachelor’s degree = kandidaatintutkinto
  • bioengineering = biotekniikka
  • biomedical science = biolääketiede
  • board member = hallituksen jäsen
  • budget = talousarvio


  • chair (verb) = johtaa puhetta
  • chair (noun), chairperson = puheenjohtaja
  • civil engineering = rakennustekniikka
  • club = kerho
  • comment = kommentti, kommentoida
  • constitutive meeting = järjestäytymiskokous
  • council elections = edustajistovaalit
  • council group = edustajistoryhmä
  • council member = edaattori, edustajiston jäsen
  • Council of Representatives = edustajisto
  • course = opintojakso
  • course requirements = kurssivaatimukset
  • credit = opintopiste
  • curriculum = opetussuunnitelma


  • dean = dekaani
  • decision = päätös
  • degree = tutkinto
  • degree programme = tutkinto-ohjelma
  • degree student = tutkinto-opiskelija
  • degree regulations = tutkintosääntö
  • development of studies = opetuksen kehittäminen
  • discontinue one’s studies, drop out = keskeyttää opintonsa
  • disqualified = esteellinen
  • Doctor = tohtori
  • doctoral dissertation = väitöskirja
  • Doctoral Education Council = jatkokoulutusneuvosto
  • doctoral student = tohtorikoulutettava, jatko-opiskelija


  • early childhood education = varhaiskasvatus
  • economics = kauppatieteet
  • educational affairs = koulutuspolitiikka (kopo)
  • Education Council = koulutusneuvosto
  • electrical engineering = sähkötekniikka
  • entrance examination = pääsykoe
  • evening school/session = iltakoulu
  • event = tapahtuma
  • exchange student = vaihto-opiskelija
  • Executive Board = hallitus


  • Faculty Council = tiedekuntaneuvosto
  • Faculty of Built Environment = rakennetun ympäristön tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Education and Culture = kasvatustieteiden ja kulttuurin tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences = Tekniikan ja luonnontieteiden tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences = informaatioteknologian ja viestinnän tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Management and Business = johtamisen ja talouden tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology = Lääketieteen ja terveysteknologian tiedekunta
  • Faculty of Social Sciences = yhteiskuntatieteiden tiedekunta
  • feedback = palaute
  • financial aid = opintotuki
  • financial statement = tilinpäätös
  • first meeting = järjestäytymiskokous
  • foundation university = säätiöyliopisto
  • freedom of responsibility = vastuuvapaus
  • fresher, first-year student = fuksi


  • game studies = pelisuunnittelu, pelitutkimus
  • gender studies = sukupuolen tutkimus
  • grade = arvosana
  • guild (student association) = kilta


  • halloped = student representative in administration
  • health science = terveystiede
  • higher education = korkeakoulutus


  • industrial engineering and management = tuotantotalous
  • information technology (IT) = tietojenkäsittelytiede, tietotekniikka
  • intermediate studies = aineopinnot
  • international affairs = kansainvälisyys, kansainväliset asiat
  • international organiser = kv-vastaava
  • international student = kansainvälinen opiskelija, kv-opiskelija
  • internship = harjoittelu
  • introduction = alustus
  • item (on the agenda) = asiakohta esityslistalla


  • journalistic = journalistiikka, viestintä


  • kyykkä = kyykkä (Finnish team sport)


  • laboratory = laboratorio
  • lecture = luento
  • lecturer = luennoitsija
  • Licentiate (Degree) = lisensiaatintutkinto
  • life-long learning = elinikäinen oppiminen


  • major = pääaine
  • Master = maisteri
  • Master of Science in Technology = diplomi-insinööri
  • materials science = materiaalitekniikka
  • mechanical engineering = konetekniikka
  • medicine = lääketiede
  • meeting = kokous
  • minor = sivuaine
  • minutes = pöytäkirja
  • motion = tehdä esitys
  • multi-disciplinary = monitieteinen, monialainen


  • officer = toimihenkilö
  • organiser = vastaava


  • policy paper = linjapaperi
  • political science = politiikan tutkimus
  • postgraduate degree = jatkotutkinto
  • postgraduate, doctoral student = jatko-opiskelija
  • practical placement = harjoittelupaikka
  • president = puheenjohtaja, rehtori
  • procedure = työjärjestys
  • progress in studies, study progress = opintojen edistyminen
  • public choice = julkisoikeus


  • research = tutkimus
  • research method = tutkimusmenetelmä
  • right to study = opinto-oikeus
  • rule, rules, regulations = sääntö, säännöt


  • scale of grades = arvosteluasteikko
  • Science Council = tiedeneuvosto
  • science and engineering = teknis-luonnontieteellinen
  • secretary = sihteeri
  • secretary general = pääsihteeri
  • sitsit = sitsit (an academic table party)
  • social affairs, social welfare affairs = sosiaalipolitiikka (sopo)
  • social policy = sosiaalipolitiikka
  • social work = sosiaalityö
  • stand, statement = kannanotto
  • statistics = tilastotiede
  • student cap = ylioppilaslakki
  • student card = opiskelijakortti
  • student loan = opintolaina
  • student, undergraduate = opiskelija
  • student union = ylioppilaskunta
  • study advisor, study counsellor = opintoneuvoja
  • study grant = opintotuki
  • study organiser, educational organiser = opintovastaava
  • study skills = opiskelutaidot
  • subject association = ainejärjestö
  • substitute member = varajäsen
  • support (someone/someone’s motion) = kannattaa


  • teacher education = opettajankoulutus
  • teaching = opetus
  • teaching method = opetusmenetelmä
  • teekkari = teekkari (a tech student)
  • teekkari cap = teekkarihattu
  • term = lukukausi
  • theatre arts = teatterityö
  • thesis = tutkielma, opinnäyte
  • treasurer = rahastonhoitaja
  • tutor = tuutori


  • university = yliopisto
  • university of applied sciences = ammattikorkeakoulu
  • university regulations = johtosääntö
  • university student = yliopisto-opiskelija


  • vice dean = varadekaani
  • vice chairperson, vice president = varapuheenjohtaja
  • vice president = vararehtori


  • warning = huomautus
  • Wellness Week = hyvinvointiviikko

TREY manages the booking of a stage located in Hervanta campus. The stage is free to use and you can book it by visiting TREY Hervanta Service Office or by contacting The stage is behind Bommari’s main hall and it is assembeled from smaller pieces, so you can build a stage suitable for your own needs. The stage is quite heavy so be prepared to move it with for example a van. The stage is borrowed only to Hervanta campus, not outside of it.