Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students

The members of TREY include all students who are studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Tampere University, as well as those doctoral and exchange students at Tampere University who have chosen to join the student union. Students become members of TREY by paying the membership fee and registering at the university.

The most important benefit of the membership is the student card and all the discounts it brings. The student card also works as an access card in the university facilities. TREY also provides a variety of services to its members and associations including events, free legal counselling, guidance, trainings and much more. Every student is welcomed to become involved in TREY’s activities. Degree students are entitled to the basic health services provided by Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), including dental care and mental health. The FSHS fee is paid separately to Kela each year.

TREY promotes the interests of students in the university and at the local level. The advocacy work of the student union includes educational matters, livelihood, housing, social welfare as well as international affairs. The main tasks of the student unions are defined in the Finnish law, and TREY appoints the student representatives to the university administration and faculties. As many of these boards and working groups use Finnish as their working language, TREY has established an International Advisory Board to improve international students’ opportunities to decision-making.

TREY is a member of SYL, The National Union of University Students in Finland, which leads the advocacy work at the national level.

Exchange students

Membership is voluntary for exchange students. However, as a member you are entitled to the same services as the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. These services include the student card and the benefits and discounts it gives you, for example reduced student prices in long-distance trains and buses. The FSHS health care services are not in the use of exchange students.

Doctoral students

Membership is voluntary for doctoral students and their membership fee is considerably smaller. However, the doctoral student’s membership card entitles you to student benefits negotiated by the student union and Opiskelijan Tampere. VR offers student prices for doctoral students with any student cards with VR logo. VR logo is included to all doctoral mobile student cards and TREY cards ordered after 1.1.2024. Doctoral students are not entitled to travel discount by Matkahuolto or Kela’s student meal discounts, but the student-owned restaurant chain Juvenes offers lunches at a reduced price.