Welcome to Tampere University and to the student union! On this page you can find the key information to get you going in your student life!

The student union

The Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) consists of 18,000 members studying in Tampere University. TREY supervises the students’ intests, assists student associations, provides member services and builds our community. All of us constitute the student union. You can find the instructions on becoming a member here. Here you can see which subject association is yours and find new hobbies and clubs to join!

Student tutoring

Each new student is assigned a student tutor in Tampere University. Tutors are usually more experienced students of the same field whose task is to introduce you to your studies, the practicalities of studying in a Finnish university as well as student life and the community here in Tampere. Your tutor will contact you during the summer to introduce themself and to ask you about your arrival plans. You will meet your tutor when you arrive to Tampere to start your studies on the Welcome Week. You will get to know other new students and the university campuses in your tutor group meetings as well as to participate in student-organised events right away!

Student tutoring is organised jointly by the university, the student union and subject associations. If you have any questions regarding your tutoring, please contact TREY’s Specialist in Tutoring. The contact info can be found here.

TREY’s office and service desks

TREY’s office is located on Hervanta campus, on the 1st and 2nd floor of the main building. TREY’s Executive Board and most of the staff work there.

Student cards and member services are provided through TREY’s service desks. On city centre campus, the service office is located in room D213 in the main building. It is open from Monday to Friday 9.15-11.00 and 12.00-16.00. The service office in Hervanta is situated on the 2nd floor of the main building and it has the same opening hours as the service office on city centre campus. Any changes to the opening hours can be seen here.

Newsletter & social media

Subscribe to TREY’s newsletter here so you’ll stay updated on important news and events! The newsletter is published every Friday around noon.

Follow the student union on social media @treytampere!

We students – The freshers’ guide

TREY produces a guidebook for new students every year under the name We students. The guidebooks are given out during Welcome Week, but you can also access it electronically here.

The new students’ guide

Tampere University has put together a collection of links and important information to help you with the start of your studies. The checklist includes pre-arrival information, tips to starting your studies here and information on living in Finland. You can find it here.