The social affairs sector of TREY handles matters outside of studies that affect studying ability, like housing, subsistence, sports and healthcare services.

In TREY, social affairs are handled by the student union’s two social affairs Specialists, as well as a variable number of organisers. The operation of the social affairs sector aims to provide the students with as good conditions and preconditions as possible to focus on the student’s day job, studying.

In the social affairs sector, all the advocacy happens in cooperation with others. Regular cooperation is done with, for instance, the University, FSHS, Juvenes, TOAS and the city of Tampere. In addition, important cooperation partners are Tampere University of Applied Science’s students’ union Tamko and the National Union of University Students in Finland SYL.

The social affairs sector of the student union is divided into the following fields:



Urban advocacy





The social affairs sector also coordinates actions against harassment, discrimination and bullying and organises theme days, such as the well-being week.

You can find the contact information of the sector’s organisers and staff here.