Main sector

The chair of the board and the Secretary General represent the student union for press.

Annika Nevanpää
+358 50 361 2845

Secretary General
Venla Monter
+358 50 361 2854


If you want, you can contact the specialist of specific sectors. Find their contact information here.

Statements and decisions

Find the statements of the student union here and the decisions here.


The graphical guidance of the student union can be found here (in Finnish).

Download the logos of the student union here.

TREY’s official logo

TREY’s official B&W logo

TREY tunnus (keltainen, jpg)
TREY tunnus (petroli, jpg)
TREY tunnus (keltainen, png)
TREY tunnus (petroli, png)

TREY tekstilogo (keltainen, jpg)
TREY tekstilogo (petroli, jpg)
TREY tekstilogo (keltainen, png)
TREY tekstilogo (petroli, png)

TREY liikemerkki (keltainen, jpg)
TREY liikemerkki (petroli, jpg)
TREY liikemerkki (keltainen, png)
TREY liikemerkki (petroli, png)


TREY’s pictures will be uploaded here. Private use of pictures on social media is accepted, even encouraged. Remember to mention the photographer’s name and use unedited photos only. Other use must be agreed with the photographer. Use hashtag #ttkamerat on Instagram!

Spelling TREY

TREY’s official name is Tampereen ylioppilaskunta and in English Student Union of Tampere University. As an abbreviation, TREY is a proper noun.