Corporate cooperation with TREY

TREY, the Student Union of Tampere University, is a community of 18,000 students and the second largest student union of Finland. We operate as an advocate and a service provider for our students. In addition, we develop student culture, organise events and support the activities of our associations. Student-friendliness and communality is highlighted in our corporate cooperation, as in all of our operations. We provide our students and the companies with a possibility to create meaningful contacts.

Cooperation with us enables diverse exposure among both potential clients and future employees. Our forms of cooperation are adapted according to your needs from always apt advertisement and versatile event cooperation to real encounters.

Forms of cooperation we provide

TREY offers various channels where companies can reach students and get exposure. For instance, we offer exposure in the following channels:

  • Website
  • Communication channels
  • Student magazine Visiiri
  • Freshers’ Guide -website
  • Freshers’ orienteering
  • Wappu
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Other events and competitions

We are also open to new and innovative forms of cooperation that support our students and the operations of companies. We also provide versatile, year-round cooperation packages that we tailor to the company’s needs.

Interested? Contact our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, whose contact information can be found on the Contact-page.