Different sectors can be contacted via their own email adresses, which can be found below.


Counseling regarding the COVID-situation is given by student union specialists at korona-help@trey.fi.

The educational affairs sector

The educational affairs sector helps you in matters related to studies, careers and the university. Contact us at kopo@trey.fi. Counseling regarding educational affairs is given by student union’s specialists in educational affairs at kopo-help@trey.fi.

The social affairs sector

The social affairs sector helps you in matters related to income, housing, health, general well-being, equality, sports, urban politics and the environment. Contact us at sopo@trey.fi.

Communications and brand sector

The communications sector helps you in matter related to our email lists, tent cards, the university’s information systems and social media. Contact us at viestinta@trey.fi. The brand sector can be contacted via brandi@trey.fi if you have questions or feedback regarding our brand!

International affairs sector

The international affairs sector helps you in matters related to internationality and international students. Contact us at kv@trey.fi.

Associations affairs sector

The associations affairs sector helps associations in matters regarding financial aid, counselling, training, support for communication, facilities and items for rent. Contact us at jarjesto@trey.fi.

Tutoring sector

The tutoring sector helps in matters regarding student tutoring. Contact us at tuutorointi@trey.fi.

Events sector

The events sector organises the events of the student union and offers support regarding events and volunteers. Contact us at tapahtumat@trey.fi.


TREY’s board can be contacted via hallitus@trey.fi.