The operation and rules of the student union are subject to the Universities Act and the government decree on universities (770/2009).

The Universities Act 558/2009, Section 46, subsection 1: “A student union consists of the students of a university and is self-governing. The student union liaises with and on behalf of its members and promotes their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and those relating to studies and the status of students in society. The student union also participates in the implementation of the educational mission of the university, referred to in section 2, by preparing students for an active, informed and critical citizenship.”

The student union decides on its own rules and other standing orders and terms of reference, which are approved by the Council of Representatives. In addition to these, the student union has various plans and permanent decisions concerning diverse matters.

For the time being, the following steering documents of the student union are in force:


Main Rule (.pdf, 4,3 Mt)

Election Rule (3,3 Mt)

Terms of Reference for the Council of Representatives (3,6 Mt)

Terms of Reference for the Executive Board (1,1 Mt)

Standing Order on the Election of Student Representatives (204 kt)

Association Standing Order (97,1 kt)

Steering documents

Strategy (.pdf, 359 kt)

Communication Strategy (.pdf, 427 kt)

Policy Paper (.pdf, 2,5 Mt)

Steering documents for 2020

Action Plan 2020 (.docx, 112 kt)

Budget 2020 (.pdf, 136 kt)

Budget justification memorandum 2020 (.docx, 448 kt)

Other documents:

The Equality Plan of the Student Union of Tampere University (.pdf, 108 kt)

TREY’s principles for safer spaces (.pdf, 68,5 kt)

The council’s principles for safer spaces (.pdf, 127 kt)

Council election result 2018 (.pdf, 142 kt)