Around 180 associations operate within TREY.

The faculty and umbrella associations operate on the faculty level, and their members are other associations. The faculty and umbrella associations supervise the interests of their faculty’s students, organise training for their member associations and build community spirit within the faculty.

Subject associations with student intake are consortiums of students of certain subjects or fields, which advocate for their members in the degree programmes and organise free-time activities for the students. They also organise tutoring together with the Student Union and the University. The subject associations in engineering fields are called guilds.

Other subject associations are subject associations that don’t have student intake. They do the same things as the other subject associations, but you can usually become a member when you know your area of specialisation.

Most of our associations are hobby associations that operate on the basis of a hobby, interest or conviction.Vocational clubs are hobby associations dedicated to specific fields. Vocational clubs maintain relationships between students, institutions and companies in the field in a manner very similar to subject associations without student intake.

Hobby associations


Overalls: black with white stripes

Kameraseura Vastavalo

Darkroom: Vanha Domus, Väinämöisenkatu 11


Overalls: black
Room: SA042

Sekvenssi ry, Club of Synthetic Biology

Tampereen Akateemisen Menneisyyden Ystävät

Tampereen yliopiston lappilainen osakunta Sinni ry


Overalls: white with a pink stripe
Room: SA034


Room: Laukontori 12, 33200 Tampere


Room: Boomi ry, Pinninkatu 57, 33100

Student associations and guilds

Sähkökilta ry, Skilta

Overalls: electric blue
Room: SA101