On this page, you can find information on TREY’s alumni activities. The alumni of the Student Union are those that have taken part in the activities of the former Student Unions Tamy and TTYY as well as those taken part in the activities of TREY. 

The person responsible for TREY alumni activities in the Student Union is the Specialist in Tutoring. Please do not hesitate to be in contact if you have any ideas on how to improve the alumni activities of the Student Union.

Mentoring Programme

In TREY’s mentoring programme, a mentor is appointed for each ruling board member. The mentors consist of former board members of TREY and the old student unions (Tamy or TTYY). It would be advisable that the mentor is no longer an active member of the student union and that a few years have passed since their term of office. The purpose of the programme is to provide places for discussion and give insight for both the mentee and the mentor. For the mentee, the programme provides the opportunity to gain support, bounce ideas around, and discuss the board position. In addition to this, the programme provides the opportunity to develop oneself and learn more. For the mentor, the programme provides the opportunity to utilise their own experience, reflect on their skills and provide support. In addition to this, the programme provides the opportunity and time for reflection.

Responsibilities and tasks of the mentor and mentee


  • takes responsibility for developing their own competences, skills and abilities
  • wants to improve
  • dares to ask for advice
  • is interested in learning
  • is an active interactor
  • dares to talk about oneself


  • provides guidance
  • provides good advice, information and contacts
  • is willing to share their knowledge and is interested in learning
  • is a skilled interactor
  • can step aside if necessary
  • can listen

Mentoring practices

You can apply to the mentor bank every year in October–November. Persons who have served on the boards of former student unions can apply as mentors. Mentors primarily apply to a joint “mentor bank” from which each year mentors are selected for the year in question. When applying to become a mentor, the person automatically expresses that they are available as a mentor for the following year. Persons who have already applied to the bank are asked to confirm their availability within the application period with the opportunity to update their previous application where appropriate.

The division into mentoring pair is done in December. In bringing together the mentor and the mentee, each party’s interests and objectives are surveyed. In addition to this, the mentor is asked about their skills and the mentee about their wishes to increase their skills. The process aims to bring together people who are both able to benefit each other during the year. The division into mentoring pairs is done by the present chair, Secretary General, and Specialist in Tutoring.

At the beginning of the year, there will be an orientation session for the mentors that covers e.g. mentoring practices and goals. In addition to this, each mentoring pair creates common goals for the coming year and each individual participant in the programme considers what they want to achieve personally during the year. At the beginning of the mentoring relationship, the mentoring pairs will also create their own rules for themselves, e.g. communication practices.

The goal is for each pair to meet at least four times a year. The topics and objectives of the discussion will be provided for these four meetings. In addition, support is always provided by the Secretary General, chair, and Specialist in Tutoring. At the end of the day, however, the responsibility for the success of the mentoring lies with the pair themselves and the mentoring pair has the opportunity to make their year unique and suitable for their own goals. Mutual trust and the interaction of the mentor and mentee with each other are particularly essential for the success of mentoring.

At the end of the year, a joint closing event will be held, which will also serve as an appreciation event for the participants in the programme. In the event, participants will spend time together, reflect on the past year, give feedback on mentoring, and discuss the development of the programme.

The mentor recruitment for autumn 2023 has begun. The recruitment is ongoing from November 16 to November 27, 2023. You can find the recruitment form behind this link. If you have any questions regarding the mentoring programme, you can reach out to the Specialist in Tutoring: teemu.juutilainen@trey.fi.

Alumni Telegram group

In order to inform the alumni about the activities, there is a Telegram discussion group. You can ask the Specialist in Tutoring for the link.

TREY’s Summer Days (“Kesäpäivät”)

Every year, TREY holds a Summer Days event which gathers former employees and board members from Tamy, TTYY and TREY. The aim of the Summer Days is to provide possibilities for networking between the actives of people from different terms.