On this page, you can find information on TREY’s alumni activities. The alumni of the Student Union are those that have taken part in the activities of the former Student Unions Tamy and TTYY as well as those taken part in the activities of TREY. 

The person responsible for alumni activities in the Student Union is the Specialist in Association Affairs. Please do not hesitate to be in contact if you have any ideas on how to improve the alumni activities of the Student Union. You can find the contact details here.

In order to inform the alumni about the activities, there is a Telegram discussion group. You can ask the Specialist in Association Affairs for the link.

In TREY’s mentoring programme, a mentor is appointed for each ruling board member. The mentors consist of former board members of TREY and the old student unions (Tamy or TTYY). It would be advisable that the mentor is no longer an active member of the student union and that a few years have passed since their term of office. The purpose of the programme is to provide places for discussion and give insight for both the mentee and the mentor. You can find further information on the mentoring programme behind this link (.pdf, 644 kt). 

Every year, TREY holds a Summer Days event which gathers former employees and board members from Tamy, TTYY and TREY. The aim of the Summer Days is to provide possibilities for networking between the actives of people from different terms.