The Biggest Wappu in Finland

Wappu has been celebrated since the Middle Ages and it has been a central part of student culture for several decades. The joint Wappu by the student union has been organised since 2019 when the universities merged. Wappu is an essential part of student culture in Tampere, if not even its core. For many of us, Wappu is a kind of a milestone that usually marks the end of the academic year and the transition to summer. Wappu is a celebration of all of us, and it is meant for all of us.

The mixture of events that lasts more than two weeks consists of several different events that are open to all students. The Biggest Wappu in Finland brings together the Wappu events of the associations operating within the student union, where there is definitely something for every taste. Wappu looks like what associations make it. There are traditionally more than a hundred events in the Wappu calendar, which makes Wappu in Tampere the biggest one in Finland. Wappu is, above all, spending time together, and there is no end in sight to this tradition.

RoyalWappu 2024

Royal Wapun visuaalinen ilme.

RoyalWappu kicks off on April 11th, 2024, taking us on a royally fantastic journey into the celebration of Wappu! Get ready because The Biggest Wappu in Finland is longer than ever, lasting for 21 days, during which 130 amazing Wappu events will entertain you! There’s also a chance to be crowned as royalty by participating in the Theme Circuit and collecting stamps to achieve the following titles:

  • Wappulusmu
  • Wappuhäslä
  • Emäteemu

Prepare yourself for the fantastic journey of the Teemutour – hopefully you’ll emerge victoriously! Fearlessly head towards the Wappu website to discover more details about this unique adventure awaiting you soon!

The Biggest Wappu in Finland has an official Telegram information channel – join via this link!