Wappu brings together hundreds of students in Tampere in a unique way.

There will be an amazing sense of community in campuses, when students across Tampere gather together to celebrate the biggest student event of the year. Wappu is for each and everyone of us, and everyone gets to create their own Wappu. Wappu 2019 consists of 104 events during 17 days, so everybody should find pleasant events. Try out the events and meet new people.

Enjoy Wappu, it’s only once a year! You still have time in May to read for exams, do homeworks and worry about summer jobs. Wapputeam wishes an amazing Wappu for all!

From here you can find help for surviving Wappu, all the event descriptions and important information about different traditions in Wappu. Page is provided by Wapputeam.

Let’s be cool on Wappu

Here’s an accurate list, which helps us to create a pleasant Wappu for everyone, including townsfolk!

  1. Meet up with new people boldly in events and respect different cultures and customs.
  2. Alcohol is not required for having a good time. You can have fun and drink lemonade calmly in different events.
  3. If we happen to drink alcohol, let’s only take small sips, drink water, and behave correctly.
  4. Let’s keep Tampere clean, remember to collect your trash.
  5. Give a good picture of the students to other townsfolk. Take people into consideration and be polite.
  6. Obey officials, guards and policemen. They are guaranteeing our security during Wappu.
  7. Have fun and spread happiness.



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