On this page you can vote in the Council Elections of the Student Union of Tampere University. All present members of the Student Union are eligible to vote, including doctoral students who have paid the membership fee. Voting takes place electronically. The voting system opens on Wednesday 28 October at 9:00

You can vote here!

Early voting: 28-30 October at 9:00-20:00

Official polling days: 2-4 November at 9:00-18:00

The results of the elections are announced in the Election Night event on 4 November beginning at 18:00 on TREY’s Youtube-channel!

Jyri Saarikoski will help with any issues with the voting system: jyri.saarikoski@tuni.fi

There are also spots on the campus with computers via which you can vote. You can also get the overall badges for the election there. The spots are as follows: