8.4.-12.4. Mental Health Week events

Mental health week is on 8.-14.4. Nyyti ry is holding a campaign for Student Mental Health that week and for it they are holding webinars and events which can be found on their website, it is eventful in Tampere as well!

Here’s a list of events which are open to every student. Take a pick and get a good running start for the April excitements!

8.4. Food and Peer Support event

Are you interested in peer support while doing something nice? Want a free meal? If yes, then this event is just for you! Nyyti ry’s volunteers are organizing Food and Peer Support event during Students’ Mental Health Week. The event is held at TOAS Ilmari club house and is open to everyone free of charge.

You can also participate in the event even if you don’t want to participate in the cooking; feel free to come just to hang out and share experiences! You may also bring board games, craft projects, or any other activities.

The maximum number of participants is 30, so please ensure your place by signing up using this form: https://forms.office.com/e/bvyCahsvnE more information about the event is also on the form.

What?: Food and Peer Support event

Where?: TOAS Ilmari club house, Itsenäisyydenkatu 9

When?: 08.04.2024 from 5 to 9 PM

8.4. Feel-good spring cleaning🌸

The spring sun is starting to shine and melting the winters snow finally away. But what the heck?! Revealing under the snow are washed-out candy wrappers, squished cans and tissueballs…🥴

Are you also tired of looking at the trash lining the streets and would rather look at the spring blossom and fresh green grass? If your answer is yes, come along and join us at Nyyti and Interaktio’scollaboration event where we will cleanse the street view of Tampere out of the trash revealed under the snow. We want to challenge our student community to join us in this event to clean the downtown area for Wappu. At the starting point we will hand out trash picking supplies in pursuance of you can state your student association. The association which gathers the most participants in the event will be rewarded in a playful contest! The trash needs to be returned to the endpoint at Kamula where we will get to enjoy small snacks and each others company.💛

Harassment is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with if necessary.

WHAT: 🌼Feel-good spring cleaning🌸

WHEN: On Monday the 8th of April (8.4.) at 14-18pm

WHERE: Starting point at Sorsapuisto and endpoint at Kamula (Mustanlahdenkatu 18)

WHAT IT COSTS: nothing!

FOR WHOM: to everyone <3

8.-12.4. Nyyti ry – webinars

Nyyti ry is doing webinars for the whole week, you can find the webinars through this link:https://www.nyyti.fi/en/students-mental-health-day/webinars-and-other-events/