Apply for Tampere University’s Grant for Cultural Associations!

The Education and Learning unit at Tampere University invites applications for arts and culture grants from student associations affiliated with the student union TREY. The grant is worth €26,000. Student associations whose main mission is to put on performing arts or cultural productions are eligible to apply. With the support of the culture activity the university supports the versatile culture activity of student associationsThe University will coordinate the awarding of the grants in cooperation with TREY.  

The purpose of the grants is to support student associations dedicated to culture and the performing arts as well as the development of their activities. When considering applications, a special emphasis will be placed on the impact of Covid-19 on the associations. By giving out the grants, the University is looking to encourage the associations to continue their activities despite the current exceptional circumstances.  

Preparations for the allocation of grants are taken by a committee comprising staff members from the University’s Financial Services, Education and Learning, Communications as well as representatives of TREY. The committee will prepare a proposal for the allocation of grant funds and review the reports that will be submitted by grant recipients. The final funding decisions will be made by the President of Tampere University. 

Associations that are affiliated with TREY and whose main mission is putting on performing arts or cultural productions are eligible to apply. The university does not grant support to the actors who use discriminatory grounds (for example a sex) as criteria of the membership. 

Funding may be sought for continuous, long-term activities and their development, such as: 

    • necessary costs for maintaining the activities (such as salaries, fees, rental costs)   
    • performances  
    • projects to develop the general activities of the associations   
    • purchases that support the activities of the associations  

Funding will not be granted for the following types of activities:  

    • costs arising from one-off, small-scale projects   
    • activities for which financial support has already been sought from Tampere University (for example, from a faculty). 

Criteria for awarding grants 

We will consider the following criteria when assessing applications: 

    • Need for financial support (including the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the associations’ finances).  
    • The expected impact of the planned activities, such as the number of people the planned activities will reach and the visibility of the activities within the university community and in Tampere and beyond.  
    • The scale and number of performances.  
    • The student-centred approach of the planned activities, such as the number of students who will take part in the activities. 
    • Activities that foster a sense of community among students during the pandemic.   

Practical information  

Grants are offered to support activities that will take place in 2021. Funding may be sought for one or more types of activity. The proposed activities may be prioritised depending, for example, on the amount of funding available.  

The closing date for applications is 15 February 2021. Apply for the grant by filling out the application form. Attach the student association’s latest completed financial statement and 2021 budget to the application. In addition, the associations can provide other relevant financial documents or other documents that support their application as attachments.  

Grant recipients will be required to file reports documenting the funded activities and their impact. The reporting deadline will be separately announced.  


Tampere University: Kaisa Keskitalo, manager, tel. +358 40 754 5951, 

Student Union of Tampere University: Mikael Lehtonen, specialist in association affairs, tel. +358 40 713 0079,