Apply for TREY’s environment working group!

Do you want to be a part of deciding what TREY does for a cleaner tomorrow? Apply for our working group, so we can find out TREY’s carbon footprint and write TREY’s environment programme together!

As a member of the working group, you will have a key position in the planning and implementation of TREY’s journey towards a sustainable future. During 2020, TREY will review its carbon footprint and plan an environment programme to guide the student union’s path towards stronger environmental responsibility. In the working group, you will be a part of this process and you can leave your handprint on the work that will reduce our common footprint. In the group, you will develop not only the student union’s activities but also your own competences in sustainable development themes.

If this piqued your interest, send an informal application to tuomas.kauppinen(at) before 17 March. Describe your interest and motivation to join the working group in the application. No previous experience is required. We will try to make the group as multidisciplinary and representative as possible so that our community’s voice is heard in it as broadly as possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to the address mentioned above or a Telegram message to @treytuomas.