Apply to be a tutor before 6 February!

Successful studies, integration into the community and well-being are all strongly rooted in the first steps a student takes on the university campus. New students are supported in these by tutors. We are looking for a fresh batch of tutors for the international and national students of degree programmes starting their studies here in August 2023. By taking part, you can develop your organization and interaction skills while getting to know new people from all over the world. You will be able to create unforgettable moments for your freshers while gathering valuable experiences, joyful memories, new friends and study credits. Hop on board!

The application period for new tutors is 23 January – 6 February. Fill in TREY’s tutoring application form which you can find on our website in the Tutoring subpage. Submit the form during the application period to join the elite group of international tutors. Please note, that we will be searching tutors for the exchange students later in spring. Successful tutoring will result in student well-being. Come along to do important work!

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