Association, update your information to TREY!

At the turn of the year, TREY collects information about the associations’ 2024 actives in order to promote and maintain association activities. In addition to the basic data of the actives, we collect contact information from the associations for the associations’ Resource Booker rights (booking University’s rooms), the extensive rights for the usage of Intranet, the Student Union’s email lists as well as the user agreement contract regarding association facilities.

The associations have received a request to fill out the form via email from our Specialist in Association Affairs Markus Salonen on 3 January 2024 with the title “Yhdistysilmoitus: vuosittainen järjestöjen tietojenkeruu // yearly collection of association information”. If you haven’t received an email with the link, please contact as soon as possible.

The data collection form for associations closes at midnight on 31 January 2024.