Comment on the draft of TREY’s Language Principles

In 2021 TREY launched an action plan project called “A truly international university community”, and one of its measures was to create language principles for TREY. The language principles define how TREY promotes multilingualism internally as well as the goals for what is expected of University’s multilingualism. The draft is finally ready and now you are able to give your comments!

What thoughts do these language principles evoke! Is something missing from the draft, what needs to be edited? Tell us your ideas!

The comment round for the draft of language principles will start today 28 March and end on 17 April. After the comment round, further edits will be made to the document based on the comments. After that the Language Principles will be taken to the Council for approval.

You may write your comments in the form below. The English version can be found by changing the language on the upper right corner.

Comment form

TREY’s Language Principles (draft)