Comments on Tampere University Equality and Non-Discrimination policy!

The update of the Tampere University equality and non-discrimination policy for the next term is about to start. At TREY, we want to collect comments and observations from students on things that would be good to consider when working on the new plan. The work on the new equality and non-discrimination policy will take place during the spring of 2023, and the students will also have representation appointed by TREY in the working group preparing the new policy.


The current policy can be found on the university’s website here.

We hope to study the existing policy before commenting. The structure of the plan will change during the update. That’s why we don’t collect comments now on wording, grammar or other details. Instead, we hope for more broad-based comments about the content. The answers to the survey will be distributed to the working group preparing the new plan. You can find the survey’s privacy statement here.


The commenting period is 28.11.2022-14.12.2022.


You can fill out the form many times. We ask that you leave each comment on a different form.

Answer the survey here.

If you have any questions, you can contact TREY’s social affairs specialist Laura Kaipia (!