Nothing works without communications

From the beginning of my academic studies, I was the friend, tutor and member of the student union’s board, that people came to for advice and information, since I would answer them faster than Intra or Moodle. I absorbed information like a sponge, and I guess that personality trait has led me to work in communications.

The first autumn of the Student Union of Tampere University and the whole university community of Tampere is upon us. Finding information easily is a key factor for new students to become a part of the university community and to get started in their studies. Returning students need to orientate back to studying and student life as they return from their summer vacations and jobs. The communications channels of the university are still under construction, so the student union has a huge responsibility to provide information, help and answer any questions we students might have. Do not hesitate to contact the student union, if you have any questions or worries! We provide information on our website, social media and newsletter, and information and help will be provided by TREY’s board and staff as well – we are here for we students, after all!

Lack of information feeds insecurity, which new students might feel at the beginning of their studies, when everything is new and exciting, but possibly unfamiliar and frightening, as well. I remember the beginning of my own academic studies, and how important it was for me to be able to check (at least ten times) the classroom and time I needed to be someplace. In addition, it was essential for me to be surrounded by tutors, student association actives and representatives of the student union, who provided me with information and support when needed. Pretty quickly I grew up to be the databank of my friend group, but that wouldn’t have happened without comprehensive orientation and tutoring and clear communications channels, where I could absorb information in a flash.

The student union is place where we want to provide all help and support possible for students. As a specialist in communications, I aim to make TREY’s communications better, more accessible and attainable, so feel free to contact me if you have ideas or feedback!

Nothing works without communications, and it is vital for the whole university community to get to the goal, where communications serves the community in a way that is understandable and accessible every day.

– The writer is TREY’s communications specialist, an alumna of TAMK and an avid seeker of information

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