Out of the Rat Race

It’s once again that time of the year. Your thoughts begin to wander to next year. You hear enthusiastic whispers in the campus hallways. How do we recruit this fuksi to our association? What are your plans for the next semester? Should I go totally crazy and apply for Student Union Board?

You can feel the air electrify. Every year this time I have been waiting for these moments, when people plan their future. But not this year. This year I am happy to announce that I have seen the light. I see it all so clear now. I have found out how to drop out of the Rat Race.

Once you dip your toe into student activism to test it’s temperature, you’ll soon find yourself in the deep end of the pool with your safeguarding snorkel on. As all scuba diving trips, this one too is filled with danger, but also hype and adrenaline rush.

As all scuba diving trips, this one too has an end. There are two paths to choose from: a controlled rise back to the surface or slow and painful death by drowning. You all know a few older students who are constantly yelling in your club room with reddish faces, as if they were drowning too. They forgot to rise back to the surface.

I thought that I should now begin to gently float upwards. Student life is not over yet, and neither are these psychedelic scuba trips. Every once in a while you should remember to catch some fresh air, dry your gear and get ready for next sessions. Next step, bachelor’s degree.

After all this I feel a bit empty. When I think of next year I get a little sad. For the first time in years I am not heading ”up” in my career. But, you see, I am not worried! Some of you are coming to take my seat! So remember to apply for your association’s, student unions, or any other association’s board for next year. Also remember to fill up your gas bottles and reset yourselves. Show must go on.

– Adam