Student meal prices increase as of 1 August!

According to the new Finnish Government decree concerning meal subsidy, the maximum prices of student meals have been increased. The new prices at Juvenes are 3,06€ for the basic student meal and 4,36-5,71€ for the more expensive special meals.

Why is Juvenes raising the prices?
  • The government discussion on spending limits last spring concluded with the fact that the Kela meal subsidy was not raised. TREY campaigned for raising the meal subsidy because otherwise the prices would raise starting this Autumn.
  • Juvenes will get better materials and more resources to provide better student meals for all of us. Did you know that the maximum price for a student meal was raised last time in 2012, but the costs associated with providing meals have risen by 11% since?
  • The corona pandemic has affected restaurants and Juvenes can now secure the production of healthy and quality student meals.

YO-ravintola and restaurant Newton will open 10 August and restaurant Arvo a week later on 17 August.