The Board 2023 has chosen their division of responsibilities!

The Board 2023 of the Student Union of Tampere University has held its first meeting and decided on the Board members’ division of responsibilities as follows:

  • Anniina Honkasaari: Chair
  • Onni Härkönen: Vice-chair (elections), national educational affairs, university administration
  • Aaro Haikonen: Associations, campus development, events
  • Aino Halinen: Well-being, sustainable development, health, equality
  • Helena Ukkola: Associations, events, corporate cooperation
  • Julia Malvikko: Housing, municipal politics, development of education and teaching, student representatives in university administration
  • Markus Salonen: Associations, member services
  • Mea Vähä-Jaakkola: Volunteers, communications
  • Mikko Jaskari: International affairs, municipal politics, sports, income
  • Rudolf Võrk: International community, financial affairs, tutoring

The term of the Board starts on 1 January 2023.