The nomination of candidates for TREY’s Council elections is now underway!

Do you want to participate in deciding on matters important to we students? Run for the Council of Representatives of the Student Union!

The Council is the Student Union’s highest decision-making body consisting of 49 students and their deputies. The Council is elected every two years and 2022 is election year! The Council makes decisions on many themes that impact the students’ everyday life. The Council also decides on the focus points of the Student Union’s advocacy, for example how student culture is improved, what are our member services and the Student Union’s values, and things like the Student Union magazine and development cooperation.

The Council elected now will operate for the term 2023-2024. Any member of the Student Union, who has enrolled present at Tampere University, can become a candidate, and vote in the election.

The nomination of candidates has started today on 15 August and ends on 28 September. Read more about the elections on TREY’s website.