The sectors of TREY’s board 2020

TREY’s board 2020 has decided on their sector responsibilities for next year in the board’s meeting on 11 December 2019. The sectors for next year are:

  • Annika Nevanpää: Chair
  • Julius Haapakoski: Vice chair, community, campus development, organisational affairs
  • Ville Jäppinen: Educational affairs, advocacy communications
  • Tuomas Kauppinen: Social affairs (housing, sustainable development, environment, development cooperation)
  • Anriika Kauppi: International affairs, sports, member services, corporate cooperation
  • Ella Meriläinen: Educational affairs, equality
  • Aleksi Niemi: Communications, brand
  • Noora Tapio: Health, welfare, municipal politics, income
  • Iiris Taubert: Student associations, tutoring
  • Salla-Mari Palokari: Events, volunteers, financial affairs

The new board is orientating this week and will start working on 7 January 2020.